Show HN: Stragif – Supercharge your Strava activity feed with GIF

Show HN: Stragif – Supercharge your Strava activity feed with GIF

Your last run was awesome. You are a true legend. Your activity deserves more than kudos…Your activity deserves…GIFs!!!

Log in with your Strava account

You believe your last 5K in 18 minutes is worth more than just 3 kudos?

You were expecting more than just a “Good job 👍” after your 269km trail?

You really want to show your 39 year-old friend how impressed you are with his latest performances (despite his seven-year-long period of inactivity)?

Say no more!

Stragif is made for YOU 👈

It is really easy to use. See for yourself.

Log in to Stragif with your Strava ID

Your public activities will magically appear

You can now attached a GIF to each of your activities. You’re allowed to attach ONE and only ONE GIF per activity so always remember this quote:

But choose wisely, for while the true GIF will bring you fame, the false GIF will take it from you.

The Grail Knight

Share your awesome activity with the world!

Your friends can also comment on your activity with a GIF.

– «Wow this seems really cool 🤩! Can I see it somewhere in action?»

– «Sure! Here is an example right there

They’re using Stragif (ok not really…but they could!)

  • I could have broken the 2-hour barrier long ago if I had used Stragif earlier

    Eliud is using Stragif

    Eliud K.

  • Even during the 9″58 of my record I was only thinking of the perfect GIF I could attach to my run on Stragif

    Lightning is using Stragif

    Lightning B.

  • I really like Stragif even if my friends use it to make fun of my relatively poor performances

    Yann is using Stragif

    Yann L.

👋 Hey I’m Mathieu!

I’m a web developer. And I have been a Strava user for a few months now and I immediatly noticed something was missing to interact with my friends: GIF.

Why do I needed them?

2 words: humble brag and humiliation.

Pride and support of course. Going for a run (or any other activities for that matter) is already a huge win and you have every reason to be proud about it. Show it to the world with the perfect GIF.

Supporting and encouraging your friends is also very important. A well chosen GIF after their activities will mean the world to them.

So, Stragif was born.

If you want to keep in touch with me I’m on Twitter @mathieuginod

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