Show HN: StoryChopsticks: Children learn Chinese online with their own stories

Show HN: StoryChopsticks: Children learn Chinese online with their own stories

Let’s learn Chinese thru the magic of Myth Creation

You are no longer by myself.

Analysis presentations – “The most dominant mumble which dampened the incentive to learn Chinese is the dearth of hobby in the language and unfavorable learning experiences linked to it.”

—- Peter Khor Causes for Dejected Efficiency in Chinese, 2012, Nationwide Institute of Training, Singapore

StoryChopsticks developed extraordinary the categorical device to educate younger early life the wonders of the Chinese language. Studying Chinese becomes extra interesting and taking part for early life thru our chronicle advent methodology.

Your child will note the route of of storytelling by recalling keywords (thru flashcards), drawing, talking, and writing.

We guarantee that mastering the Chinese language will seemingly be a magical trip. And your child will treasure to learn.

Let’s trip an interactive Digital Socialization

Our Native Taiwanese lecturers are the magicians who will encourage your early life to learn the Chinese language by guiding your early life’ creativity and magical considering.

Meet the StoryChopsticks’ magicians whom your early life would treasure to know.

And sure, we are creators ourselves! We created our comprise storybooks and flashcards to section the magic along with your minute ones. We name this 身教重于言传 (example is extra important than phrases) in Chinese.

Catch these books and let your early life immerse themselves in the studies to assure their magical considering. They’re certain to again in mastering the Chinese language faster. Our books are Singapore Ministry of Training (MOE) accredited.

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