Show HN: Slow Social, a social network built for friends, not influencers

Show HN: Slow Social, a social network built for friends, not influencers

I be mad for extensions, because they are the nice.

a screenshot demonstrating what the slow social app looks like

Slow Social is a online space built for growing and sustaining friendships

How it works

  1. Post at most once a week
  2. Read your friends’ posts once a week
  3. Chill

a screenshot demonstrating what write post page of the slow social app looks like
a screenshot demonstrating what read post page the slow social app looks like

Keep people up to date without giving daily play by plays

Let the memes, hot takes, and transient updates live somewhere else, this is a space where
friends can share what’s going on in their lives without having to distill it down to bite
sized information.

The Mission

Slow Social was founded to create a space for people who want more connection, not
attention, when using a social app. While many existing social apps ask “How do we retain
the users attention?” we ask “How can we help facilitate friendships?”

Read more about the creation of Slow Social in this blog post.

How it Works (in detail)

  1. 1

    Rich text formatting and no character limit on all posts

    (because sometimes you want to be bold)

  2. 2

    Users can write a maximum of one post per week

    (creates more space for people to write and read)

  3. 3

    Posts are shared with all of your confirmed friends once published

    (let the people in your life know what you’ve been up to)

  4. 4

    New friends don’t see your entire history of posts

    (let the past be the past)

  5. 5

    Posts can optionally be shared via email, newsletter style

    (because we love everyone, whether they’re on slow social or not)

  6. 6

    Slow Social is privately owned, with a business for good attitude

    (read more about the mission statement, business, and our ad free model here)

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