Show HN: Replace ‘t’ with ‘q’ in a Spotify URL to remove personalization

Show HN: Replace ‘t’ with ‘q’ in a Spotify URL to remove personalization

make Song Radio fun again!

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Ever find yourself in a musical Groundhog Day?


heavily personalizes

auto-generated playlists like Song Radio based on the music you’ve
listened to in the past. But sometimes you want to listen to Song
Radio precisely to hear some fresh songs outside of your
habitual listening realm!

Spoqify is a dead-simple service that allows you to
access Spotify playlists like an anonymous user. Just replace the
t with a q in a Spotify playlist URL and
you will be forwarded to an anonymized version of that playlist:

Alternatively, paste a playlist URL into this form:

How does it work?

Very simply (this was a fun weekend project). Once you submit a
request, Spoqify will:

  1. Open the playlist (on our server) without sending any session
    cookies (similar to the Private Window feature of your
    web browser)
  2. Extract the Spotify IDs of all the songs contained in that
  3. Use
    Spotify’s Web API
    to create a new playlist that contains
    exactly the same songs
  4. Forward you to that newly created playlist

Spoqify is
and its
source code is available on GitHub

Using Spoqify a lot?

You can help make it obsolete! Spotify’s community outreach includes
Ideas Exchange
, and requests to disable personalization pop up
every now and then
. Using Spoqify could become unnecessary if
enough users signal interest in a setting to disable personalization.

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