One Sentence Album Experiences: This New Heaven (December 2021)

Album: This New Heaven by Elegant Dwelling Rebolsters my faith in standard music; female choral stream, tasteful drums, beautiful synths, beautiful arpeggiation, and an shimmering of exploration and sportive wanderlust come together and dwell together. Tracks for listening: #1 I Can’t Shake It#2 This New Heaven#3 Disguise Blind#4 Tending to Twenty#5 It’s Your Home#6 ImpressionsContinue studying “One Sentence Album Experiences: This New Heaven (December 2021)”

One Sentence Album Experiences: Unity (December 2021)

Album: Unity by The KVB If Kraftwerk did birthday events. Tracks for listening: #1 Sunrise Over Concrete#2 Unité#4 Future#8 Structural Index 1. Sunrise Over ConcreteThe synths and the beat pull me in, esteem zooming over a foreign planet for inspection. In truth a high quality, dare I affirm supreme, intro note. The assemble is honest honest. TheContinue studying “One Sentence Album Experiences: Unity (December 2021)”

One Sentence Album Experiences: Where the Viaduct Looms (December 2021)

Album: Where the Viaduct Looms by Nell Smith & The Flaming Lips Songs, harmonies, and echoes with which to grieve a greying world; lacking lustre and feeling on some tracks, nonetheless exquisitely shimmering when not ineffective. Tracks for listening: #1 Girl in Amber, #8 The Ship Tune. 1. Girl in AmberEthereal,Low-fi Trance,Girl harmony,In notify for youContinue studying “One Sentence Album Experiences: Where the Viaduct Looms (December 2021)”

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