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Here is a simple script you can embed on your website in order to show
support for Ukraine. The message will appear in white text on black background
in the top of your website, and will remain there until Russia withdraw its
troops. You can see an example of how the message appears above.

As programmers and service operators, there is not much we can do except
donating funds to the right organizations and spreading awareness as much as
we can. This is an attempt at spreading further awareness.

The message is aimed at anyone in the world, particularly Russians who are
most likely the people who can stop Putin from acting the way he is acting
right now.

Stand up. Make your voices heard. Spread the resistance. Let Putin and his
friends know that we won’t stand idly by while this is happening.

Embed the message by including the following script tag anywhere on your website:

You can also provide “&full=false” as argument and the text will be the only thing visible on the webpage. is independent and stores no data about visitors to this website, or users of the embed.js script. Source code is available here: Please let us know if there is any issues, if we can improve something or if you have any other ideas. You can also email us at

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