Show HN: Neko – Self hosted virtual browser that runs in Docker and uses WebRTC

Show HN: Neko – Self hosted virtual browser that runs in Docker and uses WebRTC

This app uses Web RTC to stream a desktop inside of a docker container, original author made this because went under and his internet could not handle streaming and discord kept crashing when his friend attempted to. He just wanted to watch anime with his friends ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) so he started digging throughout the internet and found a few kinda clones, but none of them had the virtual browser, then he found Turtus and he was able to figure out the rest.

Then I found this project and started to dig into it. I really liked the idea of having collaborative browser browsing together with mutliple people, so I created a fork. Initially, I wanted to merge my changes to the upstream repository, but the original author did not have time for this project anymore and it got eventually archived.


  • Text Chat (With basic markdown support, discord flavor)
  • Admin users (Kick, Ban & Force Give/Release Controls)
  • Clipboard synchronization (on supported browsers)
  • Emote overlay
  • Ignore user (chat and emotes)
  • Persistent settings

Why n.eko?

I like cats 🐱 (Neko is the Japanese word for cat), I’m a weeb/nerd.

But why the cat butt? Because cats are assholes, but you love them anyways.

For n.eko room management software, visit neko-rooms.

It also offers zero-knowledge installation script.

Navigate to .docker folder for further information.

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