Show HN: – A Microblog for Lists

Show HN: – A Microblog for Lists

These components are nice.

A microblog for lists

discover some interesting lists


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list |
blog source

Create your account with Public-Key Cryptography
We don’t want your email address.

To get started, simply ssh into our content management system:

note: currently only Ed25519 signing algorithm is supported.

After that, just set a username and you’re ready to start writing!

You control the source files
Create lists using your favorite editor in plain text files.


Publish your posts with one command

When your post is ready to be published, copy the file to our server with a familiar

scp ~/blog/*.txt
note: if using openssh v9+, also supply the `-O` flag.

We’ll either create or update the lists for you.

Terminal workflow without installation

Since we are leveraging tools you already have on your computer
(ssh and scp), there is nothing to install.

This provides the convenience of a web app, but from inside your terminal!

Plain text format
A simple specification that is flexible and with no frills.



Just lists
Looks great on any device
Bring your own editor
You control the source files
Terminal workflow with no installation
Public-key based authentication
No ads, zero tracking
No platform lock-in
No javascript
Subscriptions via RSS
Not a platform for todos
Minimalist design
100% open source


I love writing lists. I think restricting writing to a set of lists can really
help improve clarity in thought. The goal of this blogging platform is to make it
simple to use the tools you love to write and publish lists. There is no installation,
signup is as easy as SSH’ing into our CMS, and publishing content is as easy as
copying files to our server.

Another goal of this microblog platform is to satisfy my own needs. I like to
write and share lists with people because I find it’s one of the best way to disseminate
knowledge. Whether it’s a list of links or a list of paragraphs, writing in lists is
very satisfying and I welcome you to explore it on this site!

Other blogging platforms support writing lists, but they don’t
emphasize them. Writing lists is pretty popular
on Twitter, but discoverability is terrible. Other blogging platforms focus on prose,
but there really is nothing out there catered specifically for lists … until now.


Subdomains for blogs
Ability to delete account
Subscribe to a blog via email
Support gemini protocol for viewing blogs
Support text/plain as a content-type for web server
Ability to upload images
Ability to have custom domains
Ability to nest lists (not sure about this)

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