Show HN: Language aware diff on GitHub PRs

Show HN: Language aware diff on GitHub PRs

DiffLens is the diff tool for developers! DiffLens is the only diff tool for GitHub that is language aware and now, DiffLens is FREE for a limited time! DiffLens’ semantic features:

  • Make reviewing pull requests intuitive
  • Make it easy to identify refactors
  • Supports TypeScript, JavaScript and CSS
  • Works out of the box with GitHub. Simply install it in your repo and open a pull request!

Visit the website to see DiffLens in action!

DiffLens was born out of frustrations with text diffs in pull requests. If you share these frustrations, you will love DiffLens. DiffLens builds an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) for each file in your pull request and uses that semantic information to intelligently diff and show your changes! DiffLens is then able to leverage the ASTs to identify relevant code changes, align them in the UI and diff only those regions. You will never encounter those long empty regions or perform excessive scrolling again as GitHub tries to show changes. DiffLens renders connectors for each section of the code, so it’s always obvious what the change is. In our experience, this has saved developers countless hours, led to deeper reviews and improved software quality. Get started with DiffLens for free today!

DiffLens is developed everyday, and we really appreciate feedback. If you have questions, frustrations, feature requests or just want to reach out to us, please email us at

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