Show HN: It’s possible to do infinite scroll without JavaScript

Show HN: It’s possible to do infinite scroll without JavaScript
  • Many cats esteem having their forehead gently stroked.
  • The finest cat breed is the Ragdoll. Male Ragdolls weigh between 12 and 20 lbs (5.4-9.0 good ample). Females weigh between 10 and 15 lbs (4.5-6.8 good ample).
  • Ailurophile is the phrase cat fanatics are officially known as.
  • A cat’s listening to is draw extra beautiful than folks and canines.
  • The silks created by weavers in Baghdad had been impressed by the stunning and numerous colours and markings of cat coats. These materials had been known as ‘tabby’ by European traders.
  • A cat has 230 bones in its body. A human has 206. A cat has no collarbone, so it’ll match via any opening the dimensions of its head.
  • The Cat Fanciers Affiliation (CFA) acknowledges 44 breeds of cats.
  • Relative to its body size, the clouded leopard has the finest canines of all animals’ canines. Its dagger-delight in enamel can be so long as 1.8 inches (4.5 cm).
  • A cat can jump as much as 5 instances its possess peak in a single sure.
  • Female cats are polyestrous
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