Show HN: I built my own second brain software tool

Show HN: I built my own second brain software tool

I needed a resplendent situation for notes, so I built my enjoy instrument. At the same time as it’s likely you’ll well presumably are attempting to present it a are trying you’ll procure the project on Github in my X1 Repo.

Second Brain Screenshot

Ten years ago I former Dokuwiki for my net net site. I saved masses of random notes there and I became once productive the utilization of it. But, Dokuwiki appears to be getting long within the enamel and I’m writing most of my technical documentation in Markdown on on the original time and age. My well-behaved instrument is net based, minimalist, and easy textual impart. I’d also are attempting to retain masses of notes that I don’t are attempting to publish online. Presumably I’ve got pretty of little bit of “now not invented right here” syndrome. Without reference to all the issues, I needed to make a instrument that can work for me. I’ve also got a dream of accelerating the instrument staunch into a area of interest instrument that works successfully for technical teams and selling it as SAAS.

Ponder Came First

For shooting notes I started with pretty of app I built known as Ponder. Ponder is impressed by my nostalgia for the oldschool AlphaSmart 2000 note processor. The app became once created the utilization of a easy HTML interface with pretty of JavaScript to retailer the textual impart within the browsers storage. I’ve now been the utilization of that for a couple years and it unquestionably works sizable as a scratch pad for me. With this project I’ve made up our minds to transfer a step further and make one thing the same for all of my textual impart.

PHP is my Hammer

I’ve been programming in PHP professionally for a truly long time so it’s customarily the hammer I attain for after I are attempting to make one thing snappy. I sat down and coded up a rather easy API for this instrument. I wasn’t obvious the remark construct paradigm I needed to employ so the code is a big number moral now, but It’s usable and I wrote the principal draft of this blog publish in it.

htmx Frontend

I’ve recently become in htmx. It lets you make person interfaces with easy oldschool html and attaches API’s thru attributes. I believed this shall be a resplendent instrument to expend a uncover about at it on. By the time I made that dedication I had already created the HTML and the principal JavaScript characteristic. So, the front-cease is htmx with pretty of pure JS sprinkled in.

Sqlite Storage

I’ve made up our minds to retailer all my textual impart in sqlite. PHP has built-in and easy to employ enhance for the structure and I esteem the postulate of a single file. I retailer all my recordsdata in Dropbox on on the original time and age, which affords me automatic cloud backups. For this reason, my sqlite file is synced with that instrument and I will be succesful to roll support to older versions as wished. I also notion to originate constructing dated snapshots before I accumulate too many documents right here.

I would perhaps possess saved my data in easy textual impart recordsdata, and I’m unruffled pondering about exporting easy textual impart too, but I believed sqlite would give me some different advantages.

What’s Next?

I’ll doubtlessly host this from pretty of server I bustle at house and then moral employ it for a short whereas. I need to procure the build aside it shines and the build aside the holes are for me. From there I’ll slowly lengthen it to possess the aspects I need for my enjoy day-to-day employ.

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