Show HN: How to Professionally Say

Show HN: How to Professionally Say

These items are glamorous.
A guide for your daily professional interactions

(not really, try at your own risk 😜)You are overcomplicating thisThat meeting sounds like a waste of my timeThat sounds like a horrible ideaCan you answer all of the questions I asked and not just pick and choose oneDid you even read my email?I don’t want to talk to you right now!Stop assigning me so many tasks if you want any of them to get doneIf you would have read the whole email you’d know the answer to thisI have absolutely no idea what you are talking aboutPlease hurry and get this done!I’ve told you this multiple timesI’m not doing your job for youWe do not need to have a meeting about this.Did you just take credit for my work?What you are saying does not make senseI am not paid enough to do thisI totally forgot about your emailI’m going to need a whole lot of more information if you want me to do thisStop calling me before my workday even startsCheck your inbox, I already sent this to you!I told you so and now this is your problemStop trying to make me do your work!Made by Akash Rajpurohit

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