Show HN: Got is like Git, but with an ‘o’

Show HN: Got is like Git, but with an ‘o’

Luxuriate in Git, but with an ‘o’

Bought is version defend watch over, with a mannequin corresponding to Git’s, extending solutions from WebFS.

Bought uses INET256 to effortlessly and securely join repositories.

CLI Doctors


  • E2E encryption. Division names, directory names, file names, and file sizes can all be hidden from a long way off repositories.
  • Stage adjustments with add, rm, set, and discard instructions.
  • Stare division yell with cat and ls.
  • Print and trade the vigorous division with vigorous screech.
  • Commit adjustments, with commit.
  • Fabricate, delete, and record branches with division instructions.
  • Replica one division yell to one more with sync.
  • Portion repositories over INET256 using support screech.
  • Division level get entry to defend watch over using ACL defined in a .bought/coverage file.
  • Checkout the high of a division to the working directory.
  • Merge 2 branches.

Getting Began

Either obtain a prebuilt binary or fabricate one from source.

Then initialize a repository in the present working directory.
Make certain you cd to where you will need the repository.


To go the tests:

Installs to $GOPATH/bin with invent.
If that is no longer in your path, pleasing copy the executable from there to wherever you will need.

To manufacture unencumber binaries

Where TAG is an atmosphere variable which needs to be quandary to the unencumber version, or the Git hash of the source outmoded for the fabricate.
The unencumber binaries will be below the fabricate directory.


Be taught more referring to the configuration objects in scientific doctors/

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Ava Chan

Ava Chan

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