Show HN: Google Cloud Compute Engine Comparison

This webapp helps to find the optimal Google Compute Engine (GCE) machine type or instance in the many Google Cloud Platform (GCP) regions. A lot of information has been collected from various Google Cloud websites and different sources. I was tired of switching between different Google documentations to get all the information to find the…

Show HN: Google Cloud Compute Engine Comparison

Meet this care for module!

This webapp helps to search out the optimal Google Compute Engine (GCE) machine variety or occasion within the quite so much of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) regions.
Quite a bit of files has been gathered from diversified Google Cloud net sites and assorted sources.

I became drained of switching between assorted Google documentations to get the total files
to search out the most life like Google Compute Enigne machine for my wants or those of my potentialities.
I in actuality contain due to the this truth merged all necessary files into one build apart.
Hope it helps you too.


Right here yow will stumble on an summary of all 147 assorted Google Compute Engine machine kinds.
You would get the celebrated charges per GCE machine variety all over all Google Cloud regions on this overview.

You would contain gotten the selection between 87 machine kinds with Intel CPU and 77 machine kinds with AMD CPU.
85 machine kinds are certified for SAP utility and 16 machine kinds are certified for SAP HANA on Google Cloud.


Right here yow will stumble on an summary of all 29 Google Cloud regions and the corresponding zones.
You would get the on hand Google Compute Engine machine kinds per GCE machine sequence (CPU variety and CPU plattform) on this overview.

In total, that you just must perhaps perhaps need the freedom to construct a vary from 3030 assorted combinations of Google Compute Engine machine kinds and Google Cloud regions.
For every combination the charge per hour, month with sustained enlighten reductions (SUD), month with 1 365 days dedication (CUD) and value per thirty days with 3 365 days dedication (CUD) became calculated.
The charge of paid “top rate” working machine licenses, much like SUSE Linux Endeavor Server (SLES), Crimson Hat Endeavor Linux (RHEL) and Microsoft Windows Server, became also calculated.

Instance Picker

With the Instance Picker you must perhaps swiftly and with out assert compare all you must perhaps factor in Google Compute Engine machine kinds and cases in all Google Cloud Platform regions.

You would space filters for each column and kind them.
Filters could perhaps perhaps perhaps be blended.

A true first filter is to space seemingly the most traditional spot.
You would filter by facets of the spot. Instance europe to filter all machine kinds in Europe.


You would filter and kind all fields within the Instance Picker.

Filter on spot europe-west4 and CPU immoral clock frequency greater than 3 GHz:
Screenshot: Filter

Filter on spot europe-west4 and Reminiscence greater than 30 GB however also decrease than 60 GB:
Screenshot: Filter combined

Kind and more

Click header title to style column:
Screenshot: Sort colums

Click group header title icon to demonstrate more colums:
Screenshot: Show more colums

Keyboard shortcuts

You would navigate the Instance Picker with your keyboard.

Press Ctrl + / to focal point the vCPU filter.

Use the arrow keys ( ) to cross focal point up, down, left and factual.
Tab will cross the principle goal horizontally until the last cell and then cross on to the next row.
Shift + Tab will cross the principle goal horizontal backward until the first cell and then cross support to the old row.

Pressing the Dwelling key on a cell will capture out the cells row, or deselect the row if already selected.

With the next keyboard shortcuts you must perhaps copy selected row from the desk in CSV structure to your clipboard:

  • Ctrl + c : Reproduction selected rows with proven column
  • Ctrl + x : Reproduction selected rows with all column

The grid header also helps fat keyboard navigation:

  • Press Enter to toggle the sorting insist of that column.
  • Press Ctrl + Enter to delivery the menu for the focused header.
  • When a menu is delivery, merely press Esc to cessation it and the principle goal will return to the header.

Press ? to search out the reduction with the keyboard shortcuts.


You would download a CSV file (1.25 MB)
and SQL export (0.11 MB, gzip compressed) with all machine kinds and regions.
You would import and edit the CSV file to your well-liked spreadsheet program (MS Excel, LibreOffice or Google Sheets).
You would import the SQL dump into your well-liked database (love SQLite).

Imported CSV file in LibreOffice spreadsheet program:
Screenshot: LibreOffice

Imported SQL export in DB Browser for SQLite:
Screenshot: DB Browser for SQLite

With the SQL export you must perhaps additionally attain big queries the enlighten of the uncover line (CLI).

State line:

# Salvage SQL export
curl -O
# Decompress SQL export
gzip -d machine-kinds-regions.sql.gz
# Import SQL dump
sqlite3 gce.db # SQL query
sqlite3 gce.db 'SELECT name, vCpus, hour FROM instances WHERE vCpus>=8 AND spot LIKE "europe-west4" ORDER BY hour ASC LIMIT 5'

Instance SQL output:


Sources of the Info

The tips became got from the next assorted Google net sites:

Open Source

All the things you mediate here is printed as delivery source instrument and licensed under the Apache License (model 2.0).
You would get the source code on GitHub.
Any enhancements and pull requests are welcome.

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