Show HN: Fri – distraction-free writing in the terminal

Show HN: Fri – distraction-free writing in the terminal

Hello reader! Welcome, let's start-

Fri is a program for writing with out distractions.


What can I put it to use for?

You must per chance maybe maybe also utilize Fri for writing documentation, job applications, letters, novels,
anything the assign you compose now now not need your creativity to be kept back by distracting

Write now, edit later

The principle feature of Fri is its lack of features. Fri does now not bear any
toughen for text formatting nor any toughen for text enhancing previous the utilize of
backspace. This frees you from being concerned about constructing and formatting, making
you noteworthy extra productive. The premise is to impress order in Fri, then to begin
the following text file in a definite program and refine it.

Fri is simplest frail with the terminal emulator in fat cloak mode in tell to
shield you from distractions equivalent to email or instantaneous messaging.

Why now now not factual discontinue cat> out.txt?

You must per chance maybe maybe also indeed utilize cat, but cat does now now not auto-assign your records. It reveals all
old traces of text and does now now not compose computerized line breaking. Also, it
is all to easy to overwrite your records by typing
cat> my_bestselling_novel.txt,
while you with out a doubt supposed cat>> my_bestselling_novel.txt.


See the man web order.

Inserting in Fri

Fri will seemingly be built for a ramification of Unix-adore operating programs, alongside side Linux,
Free­BSD and Beginning­BSD.

  1. Clone the git repo with git clone
  2. Guarantee the ncurses library has been build in, alongside side header recordsdata.
  3. cd fri
  4. manufacture
  5. Copy the fri executable to somewhere on your $PATH.


Please ship comments and malicious program experiences to Fredrik Arnerup

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