Show HN: Discuzz – open-source Comment System

Show HN: Discuzz – open-source Comment System


Open source Comment System


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  • Discuzz is an open source comment system, that you can embed in your website to increase reader engagement, grow audience and traffic.
  • Supporting Firestore as the data storage, with Realtime and Offline support. You can use Discuzz easily without any backend server.
  • With Firebase Auth support, you can provide many ways to authenticate for your users.
  • You can easily config the access control, to adjust permissions (Example: open to all people, or only authenticated users, or you can also turn on moderation mode for every comments)
  • Customizable theme, with built-in light/dark theme.

To suggest anything, please join our Discussion board.


You can embed Discuzz in many ways:

  • As a Web Component
  • As a React Component


You’d need to create a Firebase project, and add a web platform. It will give you the config parameters.


Web Component

You can embed Discuzz in your website with the following code


<script src="">script>
  service="--- PUT THE firebaseConfig HERE ---" 



<script src="">script>
  auths="['google', 'apple', 'facebook', 'github', 'twitter', 'microsoft', 'yahoo']"

React Component

Install dependencies

  1. Discuzz component
yarn add @discuzz/discuzz
  1. Comment Viewer and Comment Composer
yarn add @discuzz/viewer-plaintext @discuzz/composer-plaintext
  1. Locale
yarn add @discuzz/locale-en date-fns

Example component usage


import { Discuzz } from '@discuzz/discuzz'

const LocaleProviderEn = lazy(() => import('@discuzz/locale-en'))
const ComposerPlaintext = lazy(() => import('@discuzz/composer-plaintext'))
const ViewerPlaintext = lazy(() => import('@discuzz/viewer-plaintext'))

function App() {
  return (
    <Suspense fallback={<span>Loading...</span>}>
          apiKey: "AIzaSyDm837cbdbvkrAdYL9TAqUF3iML6UvZXk4",
          authDomain: "",
          projectId: "fire-talk-88",
          storageBucket: "",
          messagingSenderId: "719566664522",
          appId: "1:719566664522:web:e1a9d26be22387e55b47b3"

Join the pack! Join 8000+ others registered users, and get chat, make groups, post updates and make friends around the world!
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