Show HN: Constructor – simple issue tracking for small teams, inspired by Trello

Show HN: Constructor – simple issue tracking for small teams, inspired by Trello

See what you’ve been missing

Communicate in context with lightweight threaded comments

Keep important discussions where they belong – alongside the work. Constructor’s comment threads are prominent, so they can’t be missed; assignable, so balls don’t get dropped; and dismissable, so your tickets won’t get cluttered. They’re so useful, your team will actually use them.

See detailed progress – and problems – at a glance

Structured checklists let your team break down work without the hassle of subtickets and provide a handy way for managers to keep tabs on progress – without imposing extra effort on anyone. First-class blockers let anyone flag a ticket that’s stuck, along with the reason why, so managers are immediately informed and can hop on resolving the issue.

Minimize housekeeping with a bidirectional GitHub integration

Pull requests are automatically linked to tickets based on branch names, so devs can say goodbye to pasting ticket IDs into every commit. Open PRs appear right on the board, including their live build/review status and deploy preview links; a gentle nudge when a PR has been idle for too long helps keep things moving. Going the other way, Constructor pushes ticket descriptions to GitHub as PR comments, so reviewers have the context they need.

Keep your team in the zone with a clean, lightweight, and fast UI

Constructor’s uncluttered design is obsessively optimized for helping your team focus on what matters. Plenty of whitespace makes finding information easy and reading comfortable. Your backlog stays tucked away when it’s not needed. Open comment threads are prominently visible without scrolling, but once resolved, disappear to minimize clutter. All with the snappy performance you’d expect.

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