Show HN: Chrome extension to see if the site you’re on belongs to a YC company

Easily find out if the website you are on belongs to a company that graduated Y Combinator.

Have you ever landed on a website and wondered if that company graduated Y Combinator? Well, now you don't have to go searching anywhere else. 
Just install YC Snooper and you'll easily see if the company graduated YC or not.

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  1. Hey,

    This is Adrian, a full-stack dev and co-founder at I always wanted a quick way to know if the website I was on belongs to a company that graduated from Y Combinator. So I would always go to and search for that website.

    I created this extension in about two days that turns the Y icon from gray to orange if the site belongs to a YC company. When you click on it, it will also display some data about that company like the batch it was in, location, industry, and short one-liner.

    If you like it, please leave a review on the chrome web store.…