HistoryShow HN: Cheat Sheet of 150 Cognitive biases and...

Show HN: Cheat Sheet of 150 Cognitive biases and principles in marketing


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Psychology in marketing


learn the psychology behind why people buy

 and up your SALES 
by 217% this week

Sell more, sell faster using the science-backed online cheat sheet

of 150 cognitive biases, principles & models that influence your customer’s decisions

?Bonus: 450+ ready-to-use techniques to double your conversion today

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Psychology in marketing

Over 900+ enlightened customers!

Among our clients are people from the best companies in the world

Psychology in marketing

Psychology in marketing

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Psychology in marketing

How much blood have you wasted? How many family days have you sacrified and still got not enough sales?

Marketing f**ckin sucks if it doesn’t work! You’ve done everything you could for months but still nothing seems to work the way it was supposed to.

Fb ads, Google ads, Tiktok, Instagram, cold emails, Twitter… 

Broken promises, debt, depression. We’ve all been there…

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We miss the fact that we sell to real human beings, with feelings, desires, dreams, wants, and needs.

It’s absurd to think people are logical!

Our brains evolved through millions of years of evolution with the single goal – to survive. Yet we still insist to market our products in logical terms…”

– Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK

The real WHY of why people buy things is often hidden deep in psychology in the unconscious parts of our brains.

Not knowing what makes people tick and buy makes companies lose millions, every day!

We tend to do the “logical” things, without even realizing they work against us. It happens to every company! Even the big ones:

  • Wikipedia probably lost hundreds of millions of dollars, because they weren’t aware of “Negative Social Proof”.

    They framed their message asking for donations admitting that only a fraction of readers donate money to them.

    They could’ve expected 400+% bigger returns if they framed their message pointing to the fact that millions of users already have donated – which is also true.

authority bias

Psychology in marketing

Psychology in marketing

loss aversion

negative social proof

People don’t buy products

They buy emotions

Things in marketing that don’t make sense, yet work:

  • Chocolate tastes sweeter when in a circle than in squares
  • Painkillers are more effective when you tell people they’re more expensive
  • Wine tastes better when poured from a heavier bottle
  • An increase in pricing increases the demand – in some cases

Yes, we agree, human perception is crazy…

Wouldn’t it be easier for you, knowing what makes people tick to make your customers happy and earn the hard cash along the way?!

Psychology in marketing

So…what’s the product?

It’s a cheat sheet that work!

  • step-by-step psychology principles & tools in marketing that influence your customers decisions to make them buy more
  • real-life marketing strategies that made hundreds of millions of dollars within months or weeks

What it’s not?

  • It’s not a course – most online courses suck. This cheat sheet is not.


Hold my lemonade…

Brainiac includes every single bias presented as a sketch!

The package also includes an online Flashcard Game!

Say goodbye to boring, lousy studying.

Say good morning, to gamified learning experience!

cognitive bias flashcards

Psychology in marketing

picture superiority effect

humor effect

  • Why some products are so charming it feels offensive not to buy them, while others make you wanna go back to your ex?
  • Why do some services feel like they are your perfect match, while others make you lose your self-respect?

  • What makes us keep coming back to certain products out of pure, whole-hearted craving?

✅ Stop wasting your money, depending on costly advertising or aggressive messaging – you’re not a Karen!

✅ Promote your service the way people feel it’s made by their nana – full of love, exactly for them.

✅ Build products that people fall in love with and want to get matching tattoos with them.

Psychology in marketing

subconscious marketing

There’s a vast ocean of marketing tips & tricks, courses and their gurus, presenting you their new Lamborghini.

However, no one talks about the most important piece of the puzzle: 

What makes people to buy and love your products?

Psychology in marketing

Psychology in marketing

What you will get:

survivor bias

Access to online database of 150 cognitive biases, principles & models that control our decisions:

✅ 450+ already-proven techniques you can use RIGHT AWAY to double your conversion rate

✅ Behavioral science presented in a concise format demonstrating how you make and influence decisions

✅ Every bias, principle & model presented as a sketch – because we all know well the Picture is worth a thousand words – Picture Superiority Effect

? The biggest, the best companies in the world aren’t technological. They are psychological companies presented as technological ones

Are these techniques really that effective?

What’s better proof than the real-life examples:

Psychology in marketing

Stop wasting the best years of your life!

Use only these marketing strategies that WORKED and made billions in months!

  • These principles are timeless

Psychology in marketing

Cost of behavioral economics consultancy: $6,000+

Cost of Psychology master’s degree: $100,000+

Cost of wasted years of your life: there’s no price for that

Upgrade your business for the price of 3x Honey Almondmilk Flat White per month:

$1167  $449

Pay once

Last drop – 15 spots left

  • Brainiac (all included)

  • Access To The Largest Archive With Viral Marketing Case Studies

  •  Archive With 50+ “First 1000 Customers and Beyond” Case Studies

  • 8 Viral Case Studies Per Month/

    104 Per Year

  • 1 Social Media News Per Week

$382  $12.41/month

$149 Paid Yearly

  • Brainiac (all included)

  • Access To The Largest Archive With Viral Marketing Case Studies

  • (work in progress) Access To 100+ Growth Marketing Strategies

  •  Archive With 50+ “First 1000 Customers and Beyond” Case Studies

  • 8 Viral Case Studies Per Month/

    104 Per Year

  • 1 Social Media News Per Week


$237  $8.08/month

$97 Paid Yearly

  • Online Database of 150+ Cognitive Biases, Principles & Models

  • 150+ Sketches of Cognitive Biases, Principles & Models

  • 450+ Strategies To Implement These Biases

  • Online Flashcards Game

  • Lifetime Updates

  • Note: Viral Marketing Case Studies Not Included

Never run out of creative marketing ideas

“Challenge the complete laziness that is marketing today”

– Seth Godin

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Brainiac and Unicorn Warrior? 

Brainiac, in my opinion, is a collection of fundamental, strategic principles every founder, marketer, designer, and copywriter should be aware of. It’s like with driving your car. You have to learn the principles before getting on the road. 

Unicorn Warrior is a complementary product that frames these biases right into the real world. Along with the best strategies that helped companies 100X their businesses within months or weeks.

Brainiac offers lifetime access to the database. 

Unicorn Warrior provides only a yearly access.

What’s the difference between this platform and many other?

I haven’t yet found a place like this one, that’s why I’ve created it. 

All the other places I’ve come across, offered only a fraction of useful details regarding viral case studies featured here. And most of them considered the success of the business or campaign to the sheer luck

As for the cognitive biases, I’m aware of only 1 company that provides something similar, yet different, and for 4X price.

Is this the final product?

Nope. I still consider this platform, the way it looks, works, provides as a very early stage startup.

Call it MVP if you want 😉

Will prices stay the same?

If you buy today yearly access, your prices will stay the same forever. 

There are still people in the community that supported my project at its beginnings. They will keep paying the initial price of $15~/year forever 

As for the normal prices, they will go up again a few times. As the platform expands, providing more and more value the prices will increase as well. They are still quite low at the moment. For the $12.5/month you can get 2 coffees at Starbucks

Michal Kankowski

Hello there!

I’m Michal and I’m the highest marketing priest of this website.

This platform ethos in 5 steps: 

  1. I believe life is too short and valuable to waste years using ineffective marketing methods when you could get the same results within months or weeks. 
  2. We create our products providing only the smartest, science-backed, and already-proven techniques, to show you how the most creative companies in the world did it. 

  3. We provide this information in the simplest terms to let anyone use it.
  4. Many competing products provide artificial solutions to address companies’ or personal insecurities, rather than helping you embrace your own awesomeness.

  5. We think you are awesome and our products are designed the way to help you build your business to fully express yourself in an authentic and creative way.

If you feel like DMing me, do it on Twitter

Note: Sharing is caring


Join my newsletter where I share cognitive biases & principles you can implement today in your business

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*$0 to $30M in 9 weeks case study in the first email

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