HistoryShow HN: Better understand yourself and your friends with...

Show HN: Better understand yourself and your friends with personality science


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Hyper-personalized Insights

Based on your unique personality Signature, personalized guidance helps you find harmony in life’s chaos.

Join the pack! Join 8000+ others registered users, and get chat, make groups, post updates and make friends around the world!
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  1. With the proliferation of Astrology apps like Co-Star and The Pattern, it feels like there’s a growing, underlying need for self understanding and guidance. My friend and I have combined 16 years experience in psychometrics/bio-psychology, and during the pandemic we set out to create an app that would help people

    (1) Take a suite of personality assessments (like Big5, Attachment Styles etc.)
    (2) Connect with friends to better understand them
    (3) Get insights into their relationships based on their personality signatures

    Would love feedback. Happy to answer any questions.

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