Show HN: Auto-OTP: automatically send and receive OTPs, end-to-end encrypted

Show HN: Auto-OTP: automatically send and receive OTPs, end-to-end encrypted


Auto-OTP automatically sends and receives OTPs from the people that you trust,

end-to-end encrypted.


Receiver: Share link

To start receiving OTPs for an app, the receiver creates a link and shares it with the sender.


Sender: Set up forwarding

The sender opens the link and enters the necessary details for that app.


Sender: Automatic sending

When the sender gets an OTP for that app, it is securely sent to the receiver.


Receiver: Automagic receiving

The receiver receives the OTP. It is end-to-end encrypted. Simply put, it is secured with a lock that only the receiver has the key to. Nobody else can read it, not even us.


Every OTP is end-to-end encrypted. It’s a lock that only the receiver can open. Nobody else can open it, not even us.

The sender is in full control of what they share and for how long. Stop OTP forwarding for any app at any time.

Even the encrypted OTP gets deleted within 5 minutes.

No permanent data logging whatsoever.

The receiver has to press refresh every time they expect an OTP, reducing the chances of them getting uncalled OTPs.

We require authentication to open so that people with access to your phone cannot setup unwanted OTP forwarding.

Try free for 14 days. No payment details required.

Please feel free to get in touch for any queries, issues or suggestions.

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