Show HN: Alpha release of Deo (a template manager)

Show HN: Alpha release of Deo (a template manager)

Hey everyone!

Deo is a quick side-project which I was working on when I was working Dimension

It is a template manager that stores the templates locally. Check it out here Github!

Let’s say you worked on a microservice for the past few hours, you don’t know if you want the same microservice (the base files) again so you ignore it and you continue, the very next week you want the base files of the same microservice (which you created a week back) but you can’t use the old microservice again as it already has a lot of business logic under it. This is where deo enters, you create a microservice & then you do deo add and you can use the same base files again by just doing deo clone , there are other commands like deo delete (Which deletes a template) and deo list (which lists all the templates)

The roadmap of this side-project is to get storing your templates on the cloud (thereby you can sink all your templates & share them with others). A star on our Github repo would come a long way to support this project. So that I can show my parents (I am 14) that this project is going to be big and I can get some initial capital 😀

Hope you all are doing well!

You can report bugs by dmming me @
Discord – Varun#8205

Or you can join our discord server at

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