HistoryShow HN: A one-page ecommerce site

Show HN: A one-page ecommerce site


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Medusa T-Shirt

Medusa T-Shirt


Reimagine the feeling of a classic T-shirt. With our cotton T-shirts, everyday essentials no longer have to be ordinary.


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Three technological eras began in 1953: thermonuclear weapons, stored-program computers, and modern genetics. At 10:38 p.m. on March 3, 1953, in a one-story brick building at the end of Olden Lane in Princeton, New Jersey, Italian Norwegian mathematical biologist Nils Aall Barricelli inoculated a 5-kilobyte digital universe with random numbers generated by drawing playing cards…

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Parametric 3D printable magnetic separation contactless key switch and stabilizers (OpenSCAD files). For the Kicad files see the void_switch_kicad repo. For a detailed overview of how Void Switches work see Chyrosran22's Teardown video: BOM Each switch needs three 4x2mm magnets (Note: Most cheap N35 magnets are actually 4x1.7mm which is fine) and the stabilizers require…
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Any single galaxy reveals the composition of an entire universe

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This past summer we narrowly avoided a major user interface regression on Apple devices. The story ended well, but...

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