Satoshi Leaked His Los Angeles IP Address (2016)

Satoshi Leaked His Los Angeles IP Address (2016)


Chapter 6 – California

In the Jan of 2009 when Hal and Satoshi were working on Bitcoin Alpha version, Hal encountered an error with the software and he posted the debug log to the mailing list.

“Hi Satoshi – I tried running bitcoin.exe from the 0.1.0 package, and it crashed. I am running on an up to date version of XP, SP3. The debug.log output is attached.”

Satoshi acknowledges the error and fixes the bug. He releases new version 0.1.2

“These problems are kind of screwing up the network and will get worse as more users arrive, so please make sure to upgrade.”

Debug Log

In the initial days of Bitcoin, the software used IP address to send and receive bitcoins. For this reason the debug log becomes crucial for the investigation. It reveals IP’s of 3 users who were connected to the IRC. This happened on 2009-01-10. Satoshi and Hal were the only two people working on the project during that time.

Bitcoin Members at Sourceforge



IRC :uCeSAaG6R9Qidrs! JOIN :#bitcoin

GOT JOIN: [uCeSAaG6R9Qidrs]  CAddress(

IRC 353 uCeSAaG6R9Qidrs @ #bitcoin :uCeSAaG6R9Qidrs    x93428606    @u4rfwoe8g3w5Tai

IRC 366 uCeSAaG6R9Qidrs #bitcoin :End of /NAMES list.

IRC 352 uCeSAaG6R9Qidrs #bitcoin n=uCeSAaG6 uCeSAaG6R9Qidrs H :0  uCeSAaG6R9Qidrs

GOT WHO: [uCeSAaG6R9Qidrs]  CAddress(

IRC 352 uCeSAaG6R9Qidrs #bitcoin i=x9342860 gateway/tor/x-bacc5813d7825a9a x93428606 H :0  x93428606

GOT WHO: [x93428606]  IRC 352 uCeSAaG6R9Qidrs #bitcoin n=u4rfwoe8 u4rfwoe8g3w5Tai H@ :0  u4rfwoe8g3w5Tai

GOT WHO: [u4rfwoe8g3w5Tai]  new  CAddress(

IRC 315 uCeSAaG6R9Qidrs #bitcoin :End of /WHO list.

IRC :u4rfwoe8g3w5Tai! QUIT :Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer)

IRC 477 ucesaag6r9qidrs #bitcoin :[freenode-info] if you’re at a conference and other people are having trouble connecting, please mention it to staff:



Who’s WHO

Who were these users, which IP belongs to whom?

[x93428606] is the admin of the channel (Satoshi) and connects to i=x9342860 gateway/tor/x-bacc5813d7825a9a

[uCeSAaG6R9Qidrs]  CAddress(

This is Hal Finney, He submits the log

[u4rfwoe8g3w5Tai]  new  CAddress(

This is Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi is logged in as admin and user. He connected to Tor as admin and as user. . Reverse DNS

Hal Finney’s IP can be identified easily as he has hosted his website at this IP and transacted bitcoins using it.

IP Address:

City: Lompoc

State/Region: California

Country: United States

ZIP Code: 93436

Reverse DNS:

Host/ISP: Silicon Beach Communications

Domains Hosted on IP

Bitcoin transactions of Hal

Satoshi Nakamoto IP


IP Address:

IP Block: –

Reverse DNS:

Host: Covad Communications. Van Nuys, CA, USA

Location: Van Nuys, CA, USA

This is not a TOR exit node which implies that this is the IP address used by Satoshi on 2009-01-10 and he was in Van Nuys on this day. It is very much possible that he might be from california. The state of california got many Nakamoto families living and settled there.

Google doesn’t have much information about the IP except one post from a Coach dated Oct 19, 2008. Satoshi was using ADSL connection and the IP could be assigned to anyone by the ISP on any given day. It is highly unlikely that this user has anything to do with Satoshi.

League by Vista Coach ( Ed Matheus)

We thought that there were some problems with the new rangers at Guajome, so the league meet was moved to Kit Carson for this year. The problems with the rangers have been worked out and hope the league meet will be back a Guajome next year.

Posted on Oct 19, 2008, 11:35 AM

from IP address

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