Saildrone: oceangoing autonomous surface vehicles

Saildrone: oceangoing autonomous surface vehicles

Saildrone is the field chief in oceangoing self reliant floor autos, offering unmatched payload, range, and reliability from an uncrewed machine. Saildrone autos obtain data that affords unheard of intelligence for local weather, mapping, and maritime security applications and like sailed over 500,000 nautical miles and spent larger than 15,000 days at sea.

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Environmentally High-quality

Operations with low or no carbon footprint or environmental affect delivered at a portion of the price of regular approaches

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ML Enabled

Supported by the field’s leading ML-powered marine identification machine

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Steady Files Portal

Steady Mission Portal affords 24/7 valid-time uncover admission to to your mission

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Superior, Confirmed & Trusted

Over 15,000 days at sea and 500,000 nautical miles sailed from the Arctic to the Southern Ocean

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American Made, Owned & Operated

A Neatly-behaved Planet

Evolved maritime intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions powered by proprietary machine learning and Saildrone’s purpose-constructed platform.

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A Charted Planet

Independent single-beam and multibeam bathymetric data assortment for navigation and charting, telecommunications, offshore vitality, and physical oceanography to 23,000 toes depth.

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A Quantified Planet

Cost-advantageous alternate choices for excessive-high quality, fit-for-purpose in situ ocean and local weather data assortment with a tough data chain of custody, from sensor calibration to closing distribution.

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