Ryven – Circulation-basically based mostly visible scripting for Python

Ryven – Circulation-basically based mostly visible scripting for Python

Ryven 3 – What’s new?

A straightforward and extremely efficient visible nodes editor for Python, and a framework for building nodes executing any Python code.

Ryven Interface

Save particular and gentle flows

Build, for sure, performs a monumental goal when talking about visible scripting. Therefore, Ryven presents a diversity of hundreds of wander designs.

Strive some issues

Pure Darkish

Pure Light







Built-in Interpreter

The exercise of the built-in REPL you procure get entry to to the total API. Any changes – delight in creating/renaming/deleting scripts – will reactively be processed by the frontend robotically, so that you simply would possibly perchance also certainly carry out something else from the console.

>>> reset()

added as obj
>>> obj

>>> node=obj
>>> node.create_output(designate='extra files')
>>> node.set_output_val(1, 'test')
>>> session.scripts
>>> wander=session.scripts[0].wander
>>> wander.create_node(node.__class__)

>>> wander.remove_node(wander.nodes[-1])

Ryven Console

Ryven Console implies that you simply can deploy initiatives made in Ryven straight on the backend (ryvencore), with out any frontend dependencies, with famous bigger efficiency.

ref by index: 18
--> obj: 

command get entry to:
    session   - the ryvencore session occasion
    nodes     - get a listing of all node objects
    flows     - get a listing of all flows
    exit      - stop the session

[480, 729, 646, 924, 773, 542, 6, 14, 131, 668]
[6, 14, 131, 480, 542, 646, 668, 729, 773, 924]

Offer Code Salvage entry to

As Ryven tries to pork up the textual illustration, you largely procure get entry to to the provision code implementation of the nodes you utilize at some stage in the editor. In some cases you would possibly perchance also even rapid override manner implementations.

class Eval_Node(NodeBase):
    """Evaluates the input expression from the widget"""

    main_widget_pos='between ports'

    def __init__(self, params):

        self.special_actions['add input']={
            'manner': self.add_param_input

Stylus Make stronger

You would possibly as well add handwritten notes the exercise of a stylus pen on touch gadgets. Efficient exercise of this goal greatly supports readability and adds a full new dimension to your visible flows.

The perfect? It flows!

(ah ye and it is free btw)


Ryven shouldn’t be any longer a legitimate half of tool, and that’s moreover no longer the goal. It is a hobby mission mainly developed by one pupil. However, it many times grew to vary into out to be purposeful for a mountainous series of hundreds of applications. And to attach it accessible for anybody, it is miles free and delivery provide. I’ve put rather some effort in making it ample however it is no longer supreme and future, long-length of time pattern can handiest be pushed by contributions.

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These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies,
you accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself,
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