RSS-Bridge – The RSS feed for internet sites lacking it

RSS-Bridge – The RSS feed for internet sites lacking it

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RSS-Bridge is a PHP project in a position to manufacturing RSS and Atom feeds for internet sites that haven’t got one. It goes to also be primitive on webservers or as a stand-alone utility in CLI mode.

Crucial: RSS-Bridge is no longer a feed reader or feed aggregator, but a application to generate feeds that are consumed by feed readers and feed aggregators. Win a list of feed aggregators on Wikipedia.

  • Bandcamp : Returns last release from bandcamp for a tag
  • Cryptome : Returns basically the most most contemporary paperwork from
  • DansTonChat: Most most contemporary quotes from
  • DuckDuckGo: Most most contemporary outcomes from
  • Facebook : Returns basically the most contemporary posts on a page or profile on Facebook (There’s an project for public cases)
  • FlickrExplore : Most contemporary spellbinding pictures from Flickr
  • GoogleSearch : Most most contemporary outcomes from Google Search
  • : Identica particular person timeline (Needs to be properly matched with assorted cases)
  • Instagram: Most most contemporary photos from an Instagram particular person (There’s an project for public cases)
  • OpenClassrooms: Lastest tutorials from
  • Pinterest: Most most contemporary photos from particular person or search
  • ScmbBridge: Latest tales from
  • ThePirateBay : Returns the latest listed torrents from The Pirate Bay with keywords
  • Twitter : Return key phrase/hashtag search or particular person timeline
  • Wikipedia: highlighted articles from Wikipedia in English, German, French or Esperanto
  • YouTube : YouTube particular person channel, playlist or search

And many extra, attributable to the community!

RSS-Bridge is in a position to manufacturing several output codecs:

  • Atom : Atom feed, to be used in feed readers
  • Html : Easy HTML page
  • Json : JSON, for consumption by assorted functions
  • Mrss : MRSS feed, to be used in feed readers
  • Plaintext : Raw text, for consumption by assorted functions

You may maybe maybe well lengthen RSS-Bridge alongside with your possess format, utilizing the Structure API!

Welcome screen:


RSS-Bridge hashtag (#rss-bridge) search on Twitter, in Atom format (as displayed by Firefox):


RSS-Bridge requires PHP 7.1 or increased with following extensions enabled:

Win extra info on our Wiki

RSS-Bridge capability that you just can exhaust beefy regulate over which bridges are exhibited to the particular person. That scheme you may maybe well maybe perhaps host your possess RSS-Bridge provider alongside with your well-liked assortment of bridges!

Win extra info on the Wiki

See: By default, RSS-Bridge will completely imprint a puny subset of bridges. Build obvious to be taught up on whitelisting to unlock the beefy doable of RSS-Bridge!

Which capability of the community, web mutter material hosting your possess instance of RSS-Bridge is as straightforward as clicking a button!

Deploy on Scalingo
Deploy to Heroku

There are a vogue of how so that you just can becoming concerned with RSS-Bridge. Right here are some issues:

  • Share RSS-Bridge alongside with your mates (Twitter, Facebook, …you name it…)
  • Characterize broken bridges or bugs by opening Disorders on GitHub
  • Inquire of sleek capabilities or indicate solutions (by Disorders)
  • Discuss bugs, capabilities, solutions or points
  • Add sleek bridges or enhance the API
  • Give a boost to the Wiki
  • Host an instance of RSS-Bridge for your private use or fabricate it accessible to the community 💖

We’re RSS-Bridge community, a community of developers continuing the project initiated by sebsauvage, webmaster of sebsauvage.salvage, creator of Shaarli and ZeroBin.

Contributors (sorted alphabetically):

The source code for RSS-Bridge is Public Domain.

RSS-Bridge uses third celebration libraries with their very possess license:

  • RSS-Bridge uses caching to pause services from banning your server for recurrently updating feeds. The whisper cache length will also be assorted between bridges. Cached info are deleted automatically after 24 hours.
  • You may maybe maybe well put into effect your possess bridge, following these directions.
  • You may maybe maybe well allow debug mode to disable caching. Win extra info on the Wiki

Dear so-known as “social” internet sites.

Your catchword is “part”, but you set aside no longer desire us to part. You ought to beget to defend us within your walled gardens. That’s why you beget got been placing off RSS links from webpages, hiding them deep in your web mutter material, or removed feeds completely, replacing it with crippled or demented proprietary API. FUCK YOU.

You are no longer social while you happen to impede sharing by placing off feeds. You are pleased to beget customers constructing mutter material for your ecosystem, but you set aside no longer desire this mutter material out – a mutter material you assemble no longer even possess. Google Takeout is correct a gimmick. We desire our info to plod, we desire RSS or Atom feeds.

We beget to part with web page visitors, utilizing commence protocols: RSS, Atom, XMPP, no topic. Because no one wants to beget your provider with your functions utilizing your API force-feeding them. Mates ought to be free to defend no topic application and repair they wish.

We’re rebuilding bridges you beget willfully destroyed.

Rating your shit collectively: Build RSS/Atom abet in.

Be part of the pack! Be part of 8000+ others registered customers, and salvage chat, fabricate teams, put up updates and fabricate web page visitors across the world!



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