Reward HN: Programmatic – a REPL for constructing labeled data

Reward HN: Programmatic – a REPL for constructing labeled data

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Greater data Greater gadgets

A substantial weakly supervised dataset could even be better than a limited labelled dataset. Humanloop Programmatic dramatically increases the scale of your datasets.

Profit from both your unlabelled and manually annotated data. The combo of programmatic labels with manual labels results in a more in-depth model.

More data, better models

It’s your data —
Consider it secret, possess it accumulate

Obtain aid possess an eye on of your data. Humanloop Programmatic runs within the neighborhood on your machine and no interior most data ever leaves.

For the reason that data is labelled programmatically, you are going to get a procedure to even label data that no human ever desires to head seeking to get.

Working with EHR data is extremely composed so we fancy that Programmatic doesn’t ship our data to the cloud.

What others jabber

Programmatic is phenemonal! I judge it’s onerous to define NOT the usage of this as a jumping off level for many NLP initiatives.

Henry Maguire

DS at Orbital Explore

Programmatic does’t perfect get initiatives more uncomplicated. It makes initiatives that comprise been no longer doable easy and simple to raise discontinuance. Pure 🔥🔥🔥

Jonathan Bourne

PhD Researcher at UCL

Thanks @humanloop for letting me test Programmatic! It is cold to head seeking to get a gaze of next technology labeling for NLP.

Paul Simmering

Info Scientist at Q

Human within the loop is the style forward for machine finding out.

The employ of #programmatic from @humanloop now!

Bram van Es

Researcher at UMCU

Programmatic @humanloop is how to head for NLP initiatives.

Here’s literally how I imagined humans working with AI, actively interacting with data and having speedy solutions

Federico Miras

CEO at Pluggy (YC S21)

Free, customisable and extensible by form

As data scientists and engineers ourselves, we know that you wish flexibility and possess an eye on. So we’ve designed Programmatic to be without complications extensible and to play smartly with the your reward workflows and data science tools.

That you simply can well export your data in codecs love minded with all foremost NLP libraries, write personalized metrics, and comprise paunchy possess an eye on over tokenization and pre-processing.

We’ve furthermore chosen to get Programmatic free so nothing stops particular particular person data scientists from getting the finest thing about this mighty tool.

The Humanloop Platform closes the loop on coaching your NLP gadgets. That you simply can well annotate ground truths, give a enhance to your gadgets, and straight deploy personalized NLP. We imagine it’s the following most productive step for your dataset and we hope this inspires you to employ it.

Larger, cleaner datasets sit down Up for

Obtain started now

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