Reward Crowdfunding

Reward Crowdfunding

I be angry for items, because they are the dear!!

Our key mission at Geyser is to empower Bitcoin creators and creatives to dispute their tips into truth.

We’ve a brand new field of capabilities that may perhaps per chance per chance gather us closer to achieving this mission.

1. Fund campaigns and get rewards from creators

Enabling communities to donate in direction of creator’s tips can lag a prolonged manner. However what if the advertising and marketing campaign creators may perhaps per chance per chance give one thing attend to their contributors for his or her pork up? What if they’ll reward them with perks, items, entry or particular capabilities, or whatever they’ll mediate of?

By enabling reward-based entirely mostly crowdfunding we are in a position to give contributors more causes to make contributions, and create the creator’s neighborhood more linked.

Moreover, we predict about that reward-based entirely mostly crowdfunding can change into a brand new monetization circulation for creators that may perhaps per chance per chance work in parallel to the implementation of their tips.

2. Emoji badges to acknowledge funders.

Every donation is immense, every Sat counts,… Lawful. However additionally the “MOAR” the greater! So we’re giving out emoji badges to users who donate bigger than a gracious quantities: 10, 50, 200 and 500 USD.

We spoke with several individuals of our neighborhood and they also cherished this thought! Let’s create crowdfunding more social and dynamic. LFG.

3. Fund campaigns with Bitcoin on-chain.

Ultimately! On-chain funds are in a roundabout plot doable. The majority of contributors wish to fund on Lightning, but there are some immense whales available in the market (we hear) that wish to donate their Bitcoin straight from on-chain, so we thought we’d create them joyful too. So we are in a position to support initiatives be more worthwhile in reaching their desires.

4. Final but no longer least, that you just can fund with GetAlby

We integrated GetAlby, a pockets browser extension, that makes lightning payments seamless: no QR codes and no cameras required. Easy.

Be a a part of our neighborhood:

Geyser Fund – Crowdfunding with Bitcoin
Drop some sats on the initiatives you must observe attain to existence. Be a a part of the crowdfund now!

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