Resilient Digital Machine Video display

Resilient Digital Machine Video display

Resilient Digital Machine Video display is a full fault tolerance solution for form-I hypervisors adopting one in all the most celebrated VMM architectures, we refer as “pVM-primarily primarily based”. This project leverages unikernel and fault tolerance designs to private type out the fault tolerance of the “dom0” in the Xen virtualization gadget.
More critical parts in the paper “ Elegant-Grained Fault Tolerance For Resilient Digital Machine Monitors” at DSN’20.

Our develop

We spoil up the pVM (dom0) in four parts the get apart every allotment has his dedicated fault tolerance mecanism + a world loop which screens via heartbeat and placement off recovery mechanisms.


Requirements & Deployment


Our Xen hypervisor modified into once compiled on Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS with Linux kernel 5.0.8 (but can work on contemporary Ubuntu variations).
Our fault tolerance mechanism for the network component is reckoning on Broadcom Company NetXtreme II BCM5709
Gigabit Ethernet interface (1Gb/s)
with the driving force bnx2. Our visitor VMs speed on Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS


To deploy our solution, you private gotten to set up our linux-res the employ of the celebrated commands, then to find and delivery our xen-res.
Now we private our utility script to deploy and speed take a look at scripts.

Clone our repo

First clone our repository in a folder.

`git clone`

Set up Linux

To to find and set up Linux, speed:

`./ set up linux`

This would possibly maybe seemingly maybe merely to find our linux Kernel, set up and reboot your server. Retract your distribution with the kernel Linux 5.0.8.
Subsequent let’s speed set up our Xen-primarily primarily based hypervisor.

Set up Xen

Paddle :

`./ set up xen`

It builds Xen and reboot your server. When the grub menu displays, exercise the entry with Xen Hypervisor.

Verify set up

To envision if the whole lot went correct, boot on the corresponding hypervisor (xen-4.10.0-dev) and linux kernel (5.0.8), and speed

`/and masses others/init.d/xencommons delivery`

It would displays the quite a bit of parts of structure (dom0, xenstore, netdom and tooldom) by default

You use our solution exactly as the Xen hypervisor. You would possibly seemingly maybe seemingly dangle virtual machines and work with them.
Every component is outmoded in a transparent manner. To envision out the log messages despatched by every component, that it’s seemingly you’ll gaze debug messages of xen by :

`xl dmesg | grep [SD]` or `dmesg | grep [SD]` (for linux stage log messages)

Are trying smash testing a few of our formulation and analyse their behaviour.

A get take a look at in the folder benchmarks is at your disposal. It is miles peaceable of the location of modified benchmarks we outmoded to take a look at our solution tailbench suite and apache bench. Please strive it out.

In finding in contact with us.

We admire stars, it’s free, sexy descend one. 🙂

Feel free to e-mail us at :,,

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