Repeat HN: Yaade – An originate-source, self-hosted, collaborative API dev ambiance

Yaade is an open-source, self-hosted, collaborative API development environment. 🤔 Why did you develop Yaade? I was looking for a self-hosted Postman alternative so that API collections can easily be shared between teammates. Even though popular solutions like Hoppscotch exist, their self-hosted app does not come with authentication and relies on Firebase for persistency. Yaade…

Repeat HN: Yaade – An originate-source, self-hosted, collaborative API dev ambiance


Yaade is an originate-source, self-hosted, collaborative API building ambiance.


🤔 Why did you construct Yaade?

I became looking out for a self-hosted Postman more than a number of so that API collections can without danger be shared between teammates. Even supposing standard alternate choices admire Hoppscotch exist, their self-hosted app does no longer advance with authentication and relies on Firebase for persistency. Yaade is developed from the bottom up with self-cyber web cyber web hosting and safety in mind. Which technique light recordsdata in API requests can safely be stored on your hold server!

🌟 Functions

  1. Self-hosted: recordsdata never leaves your hold server
  2. Secured: whilst you happen to form no longer know the password, you most certainly can’t derive in
  3. Chronic: even all the best procedure by container or server restarts
  4. Import your OpenAPI v3 recordsdata
  5. Easy single-file recordsdata import / export
  6. Requests are executed on your machine so it’s doubtless you’ll name localhost to boot as a long way-off servers
  7. Most severely: dim mode default

Set up

To hold the suitable skills with Yaade dash the docker container on your server and install the browser extension on your native machine.

1. 🐋 Docker

$ docker quantity produce yaade
$ docker dash -d --restart=repeatedly -p 9339: 9339 -e YAADE_ADMIN_USERNAME=admin -v yaade:/app/recordsdata --title yaade esperotech/yaade:most modern

The default password is password. After login move to ⚙️> Yarn and substitute the password.

2. 🔧 Extension

Yaade uses a browser extension as a proxy to enable CORS requests. Set up the extension the whisper of your browsers extension retailer. For the time being finest a chrome extension is supplied. You would possibly derive it here. Then originate it and enter your server URL, eg. From that time all requests originating from your Yaade browser tabs will be proxied by the extension.


💾 Technology

  1. SPA constructed with TypeScript, React and Vite.
  2. Backend constructed with Kotlin.
  3. H2 file-based mostly mostly database.
  4. Browser extension with easy JavaScript.

🖥️ Native building

  1. Set up the compulsory dependencies
    • Java 11
    • Kotlin
    • Node>=16
  2. Clone the repository
  3. Set up the mission particular dependencies

$ cd scripts/
$ chmod +x
$ ./
  1. Initiate the server on port 9339 the whisper of your IDE of decision (I whisper IntelliJ IDEA)
    • it’s doubtless you’ll additionally dash it by the whisper of the jar file straight away $ java -jar server/form/libs/yaade-server-1.0-SNAPSHOT
    • expose that you simply must situation the ambiance variable YAADE_ADMIN_USERNAME to dash
  2. Initiate the vite dev server on port 9338

$ cd consumer/
$ npm dash dev
  1. Initiate the dev-proxy on port 9337

$ cd dev-proxy/
$ node index.js
  1. Now originate your browser and discuss over with http://localhost: 9337

🔨 Plot

$ cd scripts/
$ chmod +x
$ ./


🌙 Darkish mode


☀️ Gentle mode


🤝 How can I contribute?

Your contribution is amazingly welcome! First originate a scenario in regards to the matter you must contribute on, eg. at the side of a recent characteristic, bugfixing or refactoring. We can then discuss additional information. At final, I will overview your Pull Search recordsdata from and merge / unencumber it.

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