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Protobuf toolkit written in Deno/TypeScript

pbkit is a series of instruments linked to protobuf. It’s miles written in TypeScript and uses the Deno API. And It’s going to also also be executed in any JavaScript ambiance (including Node.js or web browser). Some stand out aspects:

  • Bundle supervisor for protocol buffers, pollapo.
  • Protobuf schema compiler love protoc, pb.
  • Chrome DevTools: pbkit-devtools.
  • VSCode extension with protobuf language server: vscode-pbkit.

Getting started

To birth out, be obvious that you private the Deno CLI installed.

Then, escape the next describe to set up every `pb` and `pollapo` cli:

brew set up pbkit/faucet/pbkit

As soon as installed, that it’s possible you’ll well also expend the `pollapo` describe to set up your protobuf schema equipment.

pollapo set up

Now that it’s possible you’ll well also generate en/decode typescript code out of your protobuf schema.

pb gen ts

A extra in-depth getting started recordsdata is supplied in the docs.

What is Protocol Buffers?

Protocol buffers are Google’s language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured recordsdata – deem XML, but smaller, faster, and extra efficient.


Ought to you attach shut to must make a contribution or fetch in distress, actually be at liberty to join our discord!


The pbkit docs is furthermore written in Deno and deployed with Deno deploy.

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