Repeat HN: IR stove thermometer, firmware in Rust

Repeat HN: IR stove thermometer, firmware in Rust


Measures the temperature of pans and meals for your kitchen stove

Stove thermometer front

Internet Stove Thermometer for $100

When “medium heat” is now not precise enough

Prepare dinner extra constantly

Educate recipes extra intently

Conclude pan warping when rinsing

Know when your pan is preheated

Motivate oil at a bag temperature

Conclude pans from overheating

Makes use of

  • Rating the correct time with the plot to add meals to your pan
  • Prepare dinner extra constantly
  • Know when the pan’s preheated
  • Know when the pan’s getting too sizzling
  • Know when the pan’s over the smoke point of oils
  • Bag the correct temperature for consistent tortillas, and fried eggs
  • Educate recipes extra accurately
  • Brew (pourover and french press) espresso and tea extra constantly


  • Shows temperature in °C or °F
  • Expedient to 3°C
  • Prolonged sensor battery lifestyles

Measures the ground temperature of a skillet, burner, or the pause of your meals or beverage.
We found there is heaps of tall products available in the market for measuing inside temperature of meals,
but nothing perfect for measuring pan temperature.

Getting a skillet preheated to the lawful temperature is foremost for a quantity of gadgets, like
eggs, tortillas, and steak. Analyzing how water or your meals reacts to the warmth might perhaps perhaps perhaps very neatly be efficient, but measuring
the declare temperature is foremost for consistency. Whether you decide the additional precision will rely on what
belongings you’re fervent on to prepare dinner.

Entirely with sunless pans. It is extra exact on sunless surfaces like solid iron or non-stick skillets, but its “Metal/aluminum”
floor environment (emissivity) lets it measure those surfaces too. Measuring meals or oil temperature on a shining floor
works neatly.

Sensor unit is powered by a dinky battery (incorporated), with lifestyles measured in months. Base unit is powered by
USB-C, with cable incorporated.

  • Fried eggs: 150 – 180°C
  • Corn tortillas: 220°C or hotter
  • Omelette : 140 – 160°C
  • Know when the burner or skillet is bag to contact
  • (Combustion aspects too.

Smoke point of cooking oils:

  • Olive oil: 180°C
  • Canola oil: 220°C
  • Sunflower oil: 220°C
  • Butter: 200°C

Stable temperatures for pan rinsing (to discontinuance warping)

  • Cast-iron, sizzling water:
  • Cast-iron, frigid water:
  • Other, sizzling water:
  • Other, frigid water:

Coffee and tea example brewing temperatures

  • Coffee: 94°C
  • Black tea: 100°C (Plump boil)
  • Sencha inexperienced tea: 80°C
  • Gyokuro inexperienced tea: 60°C
  • Oolong inexperienced tea: 85°C

Works on non-stick, solid-iron, metal, and aluminum

Accuracy is easiest on sunless surfaces, eg non-stick and solid-iron. Accuracy is diminished
on shining surfaces, but is correct enough for heaps of makes use of.

Why use this over a handheld IR sensor?

The premise in the encourage of the Stove Thermometer is an identical to that of handheld sensors.
We think our thermometer is a better match for cooking since or now not it’s hands-free, and continuously prepared.
The color codes enable you to check temperature at a look, and the sensor is a increased-quality one
than that frail on neatly-liked handhelds.

In the event you already prepare dinner with a handheld sensor, here’s an upgrade.


  • Sensor unit dimensions: 52 × 40 × 80(height) mm
  • Base unit dimensions: 50 × 50 × 50(height) mm
  • Sensor unit weight: 160 grams (5.6 oz)
  • Base unit weight: 40 grams (1.4 oz)
  • Temperature fluctuate: 50°C – 380°C (122°F to 716°F)
  • Sensor: Melixis MLX90614 with 10° self-discipline of search for
  • Mounting: Magnetic, with lockable 360° swivel, 90° tilt
  • Sensor unit energy: 1x CR2032 coin cell battery (incorporated)
  • Base unit energy: 5V USB form-C. (Works with identical outdated phone chargers)
  • Integrated AC adapter: 110-240V, 50-60HZ input; 5V DC output; US 2-prong go
  • Body cloth PLA plastic

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