ReactOS 0.4.14

ReactOS 0.4.14

The ReactOS Crew is satisfied to yell the release of version 0.4.14.
As with every diversified release, we’re on a frequent foundation noting enhancements and updates to preserve you in contact with what’s being done in ReactOS.
On this release, enhancements differ from FreeLoader fixes, Shell parts, kernel fixes, NetKVM VirtIO bringup, extra work on the Xbox port and beef up for NEC PC-9800.

Show that it took us over a one year to accept this release in form and fix regressions.
As such, ReactOS 0.4.14 does now not maintain the very most modern traits we advertised in 2021 on our weblog and on social media. They’ll even be stumbled on in its place in our nightly builds.
Think this a upkeep release, and preserve tuned for what’s coming next!

“Send To” characteristic and Shell enhancements

One in all essentially the most valuable highlights of this release is the volume of enhancements done to the Shell bid, which makes up a mandatory half of the ReactOS user skills.
Katayama Hirofumi MZ is the pioneer of the “Send To” implementation, a characteristic of the Shell that can even be damaged-down to send recordsdata or directories to a definite predefined space.

Moreover, “Delivery File Dwelling” and “Delivery Direct suggested here” were also implemented resulting from him.
Other than the aforementioned parts, let’s now not neglect the worm fixes that affected the operability of the Shell.
Katayama Hirofumi MZ fixed the scroll option and Impress Jansen improved some COM (Factor Object Model) interfaces, so as that definite journey-and-fall regressions is prone to be fixed.
The implementations of “Send To” and “Delivery File Dwelling” are shown within the screenshots below:

NEC PC-9800 boot beef up

NEC PC-9800 (or PC-98 briefly) is a series of 16-bit and 32-bit Eastern computer methods developed and manufactured by NEC.
As that form of hardware is in accordance with x86 processors, it is a sexy easy porting target.
On the opposite hand, every port to one more architecture opens up potentialities for finding and fixing bugs within the core modules of ReactOS.

Dmitry Borisov, a brand new ReactOS contributor, helped to accept the PC-98 port in form.
Whereas there could be figure left to be done within the event of PC-98 boot beef up, Dmitry Borisov made immense strides to accept ReactOS booting on that platform.
The following screenshot below demonstrates ReactOS booting on the Neko Venture 21/W emulator.

ICMP enhancements

Web Control Message Protocol (or ICMP by short) is a protocol damaged-down by community devices to send and receive records equivalent to errors or log build.
The implementation, essentially residing in our IP Helper API module (iphlpapi.dll), became reasonably scarce and incomplete with pieces of code unimplemented or unfinished.

Attributable to Victor Perevertkin, and with the relieve of Tim Crawford, the ICMP protocol implementation has seen many of enhancements.
These differ from the implementation of the IOCTL_ICMP_ECHO_REQUEST I/O administration code to a beefy rewrite of the Icmproutines.
As a consequence, the community tool drivers can now scramble ICMP seek recordsdata from and response packets to the applications in a correct manner.
Here’s proven within the screenshot below, which exhibits the tracert define-line utility now outputting total records.

Kernel enhancements

The ReactOS kernel is to blame for the particular functioning of the working gadget and interfacing with the naked steel.
The stability of the gadget tremendously relies on the robustness of the kernel.
Every worm counts here.

With every release, the developers squash bugs within the kernel to offer the next overall stability and skills.
ReactOS 0.4.14 comes with plenty of enhancements to the Reminiscence Manager resulting from Thomas Faber.
Talking of the aforementioned module, Vadim Galyant did some initial work on PAE (Physical Take care of Extension) and contributed in the direction of the Reminiscence Manager sections rewrite.

Timo Kreuzer added CRT (C Dash-Time) exception handling by importing associated code from WINE. This permits 64-bit building to proceed as varied bugs and random hangs on 64-bit methods were resolved.
Victor Perevertkin fixed a worm within the storage class PnP driver (classpnp.sys) and each and each Timo Kreuzer and Thomas Faber fixed some buffer overflow vulnerabilities.
In the break, Eric Kohl improved the tool action worker code within the I/O subsystem.

Let’s now not ignore the PnP (Depart n’ Play) supervisor of the kernel, which is one more valuable half now not handiest in regard to stability, nevertheless also in terms of the usability of the gadget with a plethora of hardware.
Vadim Galyant added an initial implementation of the Resource Arbiter library, which goes to be damaged-down by bus drivers treasure PCI to withhold an eye on resource conflicts.
Moreover to that, Vadim implemented debug code each and each in PnP and I/O managers, whereas Eric Kohl improved the PnP supervisor to map tool capabilities to ability flags.
Thomas Faber fixed a severe worm that will cause reminiscence corruption within the kernel self-discipline.
Furthermore, he fixed a bad IRP (I/O Ask Packet) handling that precipitated a Blue Show on an Unique Xbox console with USB enabled.

The Kernel Debugger (KD) and associated modules earn also bought updates from developers and contributors alike.
Dmitry Borisov added a ComPort library for NEC PC-98, which is prime within the further building and beef up of NEC series.
Hermès Bélusca-Maïto has done the beef up for debug filters, improved the cregs and tss instructions incorporated within the interactive kernel debugger (KDBG, exhibit handiest in GCC debug builds), rewrote the TSS handling code and squashed varied bugs with it.
Furthermore, Jérôme Gardou alongside with Hervé Poussineau introduced some fixes and enhancements to the KDBG module.

NetKVM VirtIO bringup

NetKVM VirtIO is an NDIS 5 treasure minded driver developed by Red Hat Inc., which enables lickety-split VirtIO networking in digital machine gadget equivalent to QEMU and diversified KVM hardware accelerated digital machines.
Nguyen Trung Khanh, a ReactOS contributor, took over Benjamin Aerni’s work of importing the driver into the source tree of ReactOS.
This gives ReactOS with beef up for one more community interface out of the box.

Miscellaneous adjustments & enhancements

Other areas of the ReactOS working gadget earn bought many of enhancements by varied contributors, starting from tool drivers to gadget applications.
Seriously FreeLoader, the ReactOS bootloader, bought incremental fixes and enhancements.

Hermès Bélusca-Maïto added beef up for booting Linux 64-bit methods in 64-bit FreeLoader and fixed an quandary where FreeLoader couldn’t read from an EXT2 volume, hence battling booting.
Dmitry Borisov fixed a necessary triple fault worm when ReactOS became booted up in Show debugging mode.
Moreover to that, Dmitry Borisov also equipped diversified fixes along with added ARC-emulation beef up mandatory for NEC PC-98 series.
Stanislav Motylkov aloof continues his work on Xbox boot beef up, contributing varied fixes and patches.
Here’s essentially the platform raise-up, refactoring, and abstraction of existing low-level code.
Hermès Bélusca-Maïto also fixed plenty of frail bugs, particularly a corruption within the console emulation (CONSRV) layer’s reminiscence when changing input events assist to ANSI, and a worm in HAL that sporadically precipitated an assertion failure.

George Bișoc up so a ways the On-Show Keyboard and Accessibility Utility Manager and at the similar time equipped minor fixes and enhancements to diversified parts of ReactOS.

Hervé Poussineau worked hard on the ISA PnP driver which detects ISA devices, nonetheless that driver is now not yet activated.
Impress Jansen fixed a worm within the comctl32 (In style Controls) module, which lead to an incorrectly rendered Visual In style 6 installer.
Eric Kohl worked on the “Safely Secure away Hardware” dialog, which now enumerates the peripherals for safely elimination.

What’s particularly diversified between 0.4.13 and this release is the graceful performance amplify resulting from susceptible fonts being removed by Katayama Hirofumi MZ.
This each and each diminished the binary dimension of this release and the RAM consumption.
Here’s a comparability between 0.4.13 (with the susceptible fonts loaded in reminiscence) and zero.4.14.

Third Celebration Syncs

ReactOS is a FOSS (Free Delivery Offer Tool) working gadget that’s each and each free as in “free beer” and open source, that implies that folk can glance the OS and contribute code.
As such, ReactOS shares modules and code from diversified third-birthday celebration open source initiatives, that are on a frequent foundation up so a ways by the ReactOS developers.
The following syncs are half of this release:

  • Wine Staging 4.18 user mode DLLs by Amine Khaldi
  • mpg123 1.25.13 by Thomas Faber
  • libjpeg 9d by Thomas Faber
  • mbedtls 2.7.14 by Thomas Faber
  • libtiff 4.1.0 by Thomas Faber
  • ACPICA 20200326 by Thomas Faber
  • BtrFS 1.7.2 by Pierre Schweitzer and Victor Perevertkin
  • glu32 9.0.1 by Masanori Ogino
  • Updated root certificates by Thomas Faber


JIRA Components fixed: 371

Selection of commits: >1690

Oldest quandary fixed: CORE-3071

releases/0.4.14 division became forked from master on 2020-04-24 after 0.4.14-dev-1562-g4d2d2db

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