Quiz HN: Working out spirituality for an introverted skeptic scientist


Throwaway because I’m no longer fearless enough to impeach this on my vital myth. Also this would be more appropriate for /r/relationshipadvice however you’re my people, so here we are!

I (M/40) have fallen for any individual (F/32) who’s very into spirituality, Law of Appeal, and connected stuff. I’m a technical individual, I’m very great aligned with proof-essentially essentially based beliefs, atheist, and that is all very modern to me. We’re simplest traffic, we is the least bit times no longer more than that (i.e. no relationship on the horizon), and I’m 100% cheerful with that to be the case.

I’d buy to better realize some of her interests with out being drawn into what I currently locate as pseudoscience. I realise this could salvage me a execrable individual, however she makes me in actual fact feel relish nobody else I’ve ever met, and she’s so successfully-be taught on all of it that I can’t pretty salvage the jump to have her camouflage some of it to me as a skeptic…I in actual fact have a feeling I’ll be coming into into unprepared if I don’t have not much less than a cursory thought first.

Is there reading self-discipline matter you’d counsel for this? Is there any suggestion you’d give to any individual who’s rather of commence-minded however doesn’t need to screw up a friendship by blundering in with the noxious aspect?

Thanks for reading, and thanks for any suggestion.

Ava Chan

Ava Chan

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