Quiz HN: Programs to rapidly animate draw sketches and 2D diagrams?


I’m the utilization of Mermaid, Excalidraw and PlantUML diagrams to repeat and doc what I’m engaged on and so they work huge and are great better than screens of prose, but I’ve change into conscious that something is missing: motion.

Animation brings rather a number of more to explanations, making easy explanations of how predict coalescing works straightforward to realise, token simulations [0] via to helping repeat ideas esteem Fresnel lenses [1]. Embedding them into GitHub READMEs, tweets and documentation would be good.

Google enact it as an instance posts (e.g. https://weblog.chromium.org/2021/03/a-safer-default-for-naviga…).

I came all over Excalidraw Claymate [2] but the discontinue motion advance and not using a tweening enhance makes it painful to beget animations where circles transfer from space to space. There’s additionally Manim [3] but I suspect right here is more for maths.

Adobe Flash pale to be the glide-to; what enact you attain for at the same time as you happen to would possibly per chance enjoy to favor as an instance a thought with an energetic plan?

0. https://github.com/bpmn-io/bpmn-js-token-simulation

1. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?identification=30576688

2. https://github.com/dai-shi/excalidraw-claymate

3. https://github.com/ManimCommunity/manim



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