Python and Qt Simplified. Compose a Python GUI in Minutes

Python and Qt Simplified. Compose a Python GUI in Minutes


You would state the free model of fbs in originate source initiatives that are licensed under the GPL. Must you fabricate no longer are seeking to originate your code as much as the general public, it’s possible you’ll perhaps perhaps pick fbs Capable.

When using fbs, there are two other initiatives whose licensing phrases you’ve got to obey: Qt and one of its Python bindings.
Qt can generally be extinct without spending a dime under the phrases of the LGPL.
Alternatively, the PyQt Python binding is simplest readily accessible under the GPL. To conform with its license, you’ve got to originate source your application itself under the GPL, or rob a industrial PyQt license.
You would glean some distance from this through the use of PySide as a substitute of PyQt. The downside is that it’s no longer yet pretty as passe as PyQt.

Under the Hood

In state of reinventing the wheel, fbs builds on effectively-examined solutions: PyInstaller for packaging, NSIS for Windows installers, .dmg recordsdata on macOS, .deb recordsdata on Ubuntu. With fbs, you fabricate no longer wish to state weeks integrating these applied sciences. It addresses unique obligations equivalent to transport helpful resource recordsdata and accessing them from within your application. Within the terminate, it solves edge cases that simplest happen on some users’ systems and would rob hundreds behind time to determine yourself.


fbs originate sources solutions that had been in the initiating implemented for the obnoxious-platform file supervisor fman.
Months of fman’s pattern went into rising installers for the many working systems, code signing and automatic updates.
fbs provides you the the same ends in minutes as a substitute of months.

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