Public Money, Public Code

Public Money, Public Code

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A campaign by

Tax savings
Similar applications don’t have to be programmed from scratch every time.

Major projects can share expertise and costs.

Serving the public
Applications paid by the public should be available for everyone.

Fostering innovation
With transparent processes, others don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Free Software gives everybody the right to use, study, share and improve software. This right helps support other fundamental freedoms like freedom of speech, press and privacy.

Do you believe that Free Software should be the default option for publicly financed software? Let’s convince your political representatives!

Sign the Open Letter

Tell Your Representatives!

In our open letter we demand:

“Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and Open Source Software licence.”

214 organisations and 32535 individuals already support this call for action by signing our open letter. You can help us make a much bigger impact by signing it, too! We will hand over all signatures to representatives all over Europe that are debating software freedom in public administration.

Supporting Organisations

The following organisations support our open letter. If your organisation is also interested in joining the call for Public Code, please contact us.


International NGOs


National NGOs

Regional NGOs

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Already 32535 SIGNATURES – Sign the open letter now!

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