PUBG HACKING ARRESTS REACH 141 PUBG is cleaning house.


141 PUBG hackers have now been arrested in China for creating cheat software containing a trojan virus. reports that the total number of hackers arrested has now reached 141, with the arrest of 120 people in January (via Bloomberg) and a further 15 in April.

The arrests are the result of a cooperative effort between local police and Tencent, the Chinese publisher for the game.

Over 200 pieces of hardware were seized, including PCs, USB drives, and mobile phones. It has also been confirmed that the cheat software contained a trojan virus that stole players’ data.

Back in April, PUBG developer Bluehole said it had been “continuously gathering information on hack developers (and sellers)” and “working extensively with multiple partners and judicial authorities to bring these people to justice.”

The developer has had problems with cheaters for months, releasing various iterations of anti-cheat software to tackle the issue.

Earlier this year it was reported that 99% of accounts banned for cheating in the game were based in China. The title’s active player base has simultaneously dropped, despite the game hitting 30 million copies sold back in February.

Tencent’s Allen Zheng has said that staving off cheaters from the game is a “never-ending battle,” adding, “You come up with something effective today, but encounter something completely different the next day.”

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