PSA: If you want to know why a company rejected you, send them a GDPR request

FANG and other big companies keep the data that you generated while interviewing with them forever.

Under GDPR, they are required to provide you with this data request. Just send them an email with a request for this data and they must comply (say in the email that it is a formal notification of a GDPR request).

I have personally tested this with a couple of FAANG companies and the response was quite surprising. There was an interview that I felt went great but the interviewer thought I didn’t know how to use a std::vector and thus rated my coding skills as bad (even though I did know how to perfectly use a fucking vector as I use one almost every day in my job).

A lot of information will be redacted from these documents but it is still a useful source of feedback!

EDIT: Many people seem to think that “running a background check” can easily reveal whether you are a European resident or not. It’s not that simple, one could easily hold dual nationality without it showing up anywhere. That have no way of knowing at all


EDIT 2: The way this works is that large companies have entire departments that deal with these sorts of requests. A sample email you could send is:

SUBJECT: GDPR request for accessing my previous interview feedback


I would like access to all of my interview feedback data. I interviewed with your company on mm-dd-yy.
My full name is X X

This is a formal GDPR request to access this data.

Thank you,