Prove HN: I published my toolbox as shared database on belief

March 22, 2022 it’s hard to remember these names For years when I run into useful tools or services, I save them for later. There’re several issues with this approach: They’re scattered in browser bookmarks, github stars, and random tweets. It’s hard to find the right one when I need something I vagualy remember marked.…

Prove HN: I published my toolbox as shared database on belief

it’s laborious to recollect these names

For years after I speed into actual tools or companies, I save them for later. There’re several complications with this come:

  • They’re scattered in browser bookmarks, github stars, and random tweets.
  • It’s laborious to search out the particular one after I want one thing I vagualy bear in mind marked. I steadily forget the name of the product. So I hold to query by alternate and form.
  • Some of them are no longer on hand anymore.

I want to hold a tiny machine to present me answers to questions like:

  • Ah what’s that self-hostable provider to deal with webhooks with legit ruby sdk that someone talked about weeks ago?
  • Ouch this public api will not be any longer working anymore I judge there’s yet one more identical one?
  • Hello what did we spend to scheme diagrams for our closing 365 days’s keynote? You know the one with traces, arrows, uh, traces? No?

details to query

I outlined several dimensions faded to search out the particular tools:

  • form (utility, provider, api, etc.)
  • tags (suit for all the pieces like alternate, aspects)
  • self-hostable
  • viewers (developer, vogue designer, pupil, etc.)
  • officially supported languages

I don’t desire to make spend of belief, but it works

So I moved my bookmarks into a database on belief and shared it to the online. I’m stilling engaged on enriching the tips and adding my marked/stared projects on assorted platforms.

I modified into as soon as reluctant to make spend of belief basically because:

  1. It’s proprietary and requires an fable to edit.
  2. The belief’s database is correct a wrapper around its block machine, and a myth is correct a page block with several more properties. There’s no actual cell and you will’t touch upon or monitor a particular cell.
  3. The history/permission systems are neatly-liked level. There’d be no solution to avoid losing out an edit war.

Nonetheless to be correct, belief is silent the most practical possible plot I’ve stumbled on to allotment a bunch of structured details while enabling others to edit and question.

It impress me much less than 30 minuts to allotment the database, config one customized domain, and setup a actual domain (🧰 forwarding to the page.

My assorted selections are:


It’d be a actual wiki, open and anonymously editable. Nonetheless wikimedia’s machine is constructed around articles, no longer structured records.

Surely there’s wikidata. I’m no longer an skilled but I judge wikidata also spend wikimedia, and the tips are correct wrapped articles. I don’t know php and don’t desire to spend time on hacking it. Nonetheless, I impact judge it’s an promising machine and would spend some time to experiment with it.

google sheet

A public shared google sheet can even solve this. I tested it, and it’s bloated and unhurried. Plus, a google fable is vital, so there’s. The comment machine is higher, but I don’t judge it’s possible to form assorted views (set up of filters) without heavy hacking.

the tips are straightforward but laborious

The questions about abusing/censoring were exploding in my thoughts. So I made up my thoughts to forget all of them and let it speed wild for some time.

I set up the edit permission to every person, added some straightforward tips and am hoping for one of the dear straightforward.

  • don’t destruct
    • don’t mass delete or insert corrupt teach
  • don’t poison
    • don’t insert malicious links or links with reference code/tracker
  • don’t reap
    • don’t edit/comment in return for cash or identical inducements, or delete your competitor
  • don’t brawl
    • don’t open, be part of, or escalate an edit war
  • don’t promote
    • impact give major contribution sooner than self-promote

suggestions welcome

Thanks for studying. When you happen to search out
actual. Please support allotment it and likely update the tips as you test out match, lastly all of us can hold an even bigger toolbox.

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