Protect-Vind: Turned into an on the spot ninja in working Home windows on the flee of idea

Protect-Vind: Turned into an on the spot ninja in working Home windows on the flee of idea

Vim Key Binder for Home windows

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recall-vind offers a gradual-weight hybrid UI gadget of CUI and GUI for Home windows. And all the pieces is impressed by Vim and its plugins. Simply build, it is a Vim-oriented toy box consisting of a honest appropriate resolution of superior substances.


  • Swiftly binding gadget
  • Vim-admire mode administration
  • GUI operation without mouse
  • Vim emulation all over the save
  • Direction of alter admire :!vim ~/.vimrc on resident uncover line
  • .vimrc vogue configuration
  • Low-level key mapping (e.g. Capslock -> Ctrl)
  • Working in user permission
  • Oneshot employ for Vim or AHK (e.g. $ recall-vind -f easy_click_left)
  • Tiling window supervisor
  • Hinting purpose admire Vimium or EasyMotion for GUI.



Chocolatey Model

recall-vind supports installation using Chocolatey. To put in recall-vind with Chocolatey, flee the following uncover from the uncover line or from PowerShell.

winget Model

winget is additionally supported. To put in the package, flee the following uncover out of your uncover line.

$ winget install recall-vind

Installer Model

Transportable Model


It is most likely you’ll perhaps well consult with the installation and rapid tutorial in Utilization – recall-vind.

.vindrc samples

It is most likely you’ll perhaps well configure it in .vimrc vogue. What you’re going to also manufacture in .vindrc is switch choices, predicament parameters, remap low-level keys, and narrate purpose bindings.

The Capabilities web page lists all supported functions, the Alternate choices file lists parameters and superior extensions, and the Keyword Checklist contains keyword notations for writing .vindrc. Whenever you settle to must know the default bindings, consult with Default Mappings.

Known Disorders

  • EasyClick does now now not appear to work correctly for some functions on older Home windows 10 earlier than 1803. The motive is now now not known, but we now non-public confirmed that it works after 1909. (#11)
  • Home windows 10/11 Single Language does now now not seem in swear to blueprint toggle keys equivalent to . (#40)

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