Present HN: Neptune Lang – A concurrent quick dynamically typed scripting language

Present HN: Neptune Lang – A concurrent quick dynamically typed scripting language

Meet this beautiful item!

Neptune is a dynamically typed scripting language



  1. Embeddability: It’d also be embedded in any rust application. Synchronous or asynchronous rust capabilities would maybe maybe per chance also be weak by a neptune script.
  2. Performance: It performs higher than most interpreted(JITless) scripting languages. Scrutinize Benchmarks for a comparison with lua, nodejs and ruby.
  3. Security: It’s unimaginable to blueprint any longer or much less undefined behaviour(together with integer overflow)
  4. Concurrency
    • It’s trivial to jot down asynchronous code
    • An error in a job does no longer repeatedly halt the total application and would maybe maybe per chance also be dealt with gracefully.
    • There are no purpose colors.
  5. Minute implementation


  • Iterators
  • String Interpolation
  • Modules
  • Non-compulsory semicolons
  • UTF-8 strings
  • and plenty extra…

Getting Began

The CLI be installed by the repeat given under. Or no longer it is well-known to contain the rust compiler and a C++ compiler. The C++ compiler would maybe maybe per chance also be build using the CXX ambiance variable. Clang is basically helpful for easiest performance.

cargo set up neptune-cli

For the time being the CLI has a pair of total capabilities and a REPL. The REPL supports multiline entries and the next shortcuts.

Disclose Description
Ctrl-L Determined the show conceal
Ctrl-C Interrupt/Abolish editing
Ctrl-D Hand over REPL
Up arrow Previous historical previous entry
Down arrow Next historical previous entry

To embed it in rust you maybe can utilize the library from


  • CLI – Frequent library, exterior modules
  • Preemptiveness?
  • Buffer form

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