Present HN: I wrote a factual React book / internet internet page


Pre-covid, I was once touring fat time to educate ReactJS to corporate purchasers. My college students (mostly builders at banks and insurance protection companies) would quiz me ‘What’s a factual React book?’ and I’d battle to suggest one thing, shiny that every the books sucked or had been basically old-normal. When all my face-to-face coaching work dried up and I basically didn’t possess to kind online coaching, I magically bought a contract to jot down a book.

I began by reading all of the most attention-grabbing-promoting books on React, and, yeah, they had been all basically old-normal, incomplete, or exact ugly.

As I began writing what I hoped would be a extremely factual React book, I furthermore wished the salvage internet page to be one thing obedient and a notch above a standard book internet internet page. So, I attempted to possess working examples of the code listings on the positioning and to prepare them in a approach that would manufacture them obedient for after I began teaching again, or for any individual who doesn’t possess to possess interaction a book and exact needs to ogle how issues are achieved.

The book exact came out on the present time! The internet internet page isn’t most attention-grabbing or achieved, but right here it is: .

How’d I kind?

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Charlie Layers

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