Pop_OS 21.10 has landed

Pop_OS 21.10 has landed

Now that the first snowflake has descended gracefully upon our Denver headquarters, it’s time to enhance to the most recent version of Pop!_OS. Right here’s what’s novel in Pop!_OS 21.10:


Novel Application Library

Beforehand when navigating to Capabilities, a plump display Application Wall would appear. In Pop!_OS 21.10, the Application Library opens in a tiny, searchable window over your most recent workspace. Fancy the long-established watch, the Application Library is likely to be opened from the finish bar, a 4-finger swipe shimmering on the trackpad, or by the utilize of Huge + A on your keyboard. What this form for you:

  • Better multi-visual display unit expertise: The Application Library will originate on the prove that has your mouse focal point. This way, you may maybe maybe make a choice your eyes on your most recent workspace and originate the utility on the prove you supposed.
  • Easy scanning: Alphabetical itemizing makes it simpler to scan and fetch the utility or folder you wish.
  • Easy app organization: Paddle and fall purposes into custom folders. The novel folders are always seen, and act love tabs to transfer between your for my portion organized purposes.
  • Search: Snappy filters your installed purposes as smartly as apps on hand to set up from the Pop!_Shop.
  • Simply the shimmering size: Achieves the the same records density whereas the utilize of worthy less residing. The Application Library gives the optimal expertise, particularly on extremely-broad monitors.

Pop!_Pi Tech-Preview for Raspberry 4

Tinkerers, this one’s for you! A tech preview of Pop!_OS 21.10 is now on hand on the Raspberry Pi, a mini computer for STEM studying and experimentation. We constructed Pop!_Pi for the Raspberry Pi 4 to manufacture expertise constructing for ARM platforms. The Raspberry Pi 4 performed plenty better than we anticipated, so we decided to release it to the final public.

It’s a Tech-Preview on account of it doesn’t procure as worthy Nice Assurance focal point as Pop!_OS for the desktop, nonetheless is then all all over again an beautiful likelihood for users. We opinion to continue releasing Pop!_Pi with future Pop!_OS releases.

Most modern Hardware Toughen

Pop!_OS 21.10 points the 5.15.5 kernel and most recent NVIDIA driver. Pop!_OS has a brand novel kernel policy whereby the most recent kernels will be launched when they’ve passed broad quality assurance assessments. This is the the same release policy we’ve former for NVIDIA drivers.

The Machine76 hardware lab comprises a colossal spectrum of chipsets, processors, and substances to take a look at for regressions forward of release so customers and users is likely to be assured that novel kernel releases will handiest enhance their hardware performance and enhance.

Novel, Extra Intuitive Refresh OS Purpose

Your blueprint will now peer when Pop!_OS is installed from the restoration partition and provide the Refresh OS likelihood forward of unlocking an encrypted pressure. This makes it simpler to peer when the Refresh OS likelihood is on hand.


The Refresh OS feature reinstalls your operating blueprint without deleting the recordsdata on your Home folder. This lets you “refresh” your operating blueprint without losing your records, that may maybe maybe come in to hand when you by chance spoil functionality whereas tinkering. It’s all part of the studying job!

Machine76-Hosted Programs and Novel CI

To be particular that that Pop!_OS continues to retain up to now on novel blueprint versions, we now host Pop!_OS custom blueprint repositories from our beget infrastructure. This helps us preserve a genuine expertise for users.

Meanwhile, our novel CI (continuous integration) infrastructure increases the flee of constructing and releasing programs, which enables our engineering and QA groups to more all of the sudden prepare updates.

Hardened Upgrades

  • We improved the OS enhance feature.
  • The restore partition is now updated forward of upgrading the OS. This ensures that, within the no longer going case one thing goes spoiled for the length of an enhance, the Refresh OS likelihood within the restoration partition can set up to the most recent release.
  • Improved handling of custom changes to the fstab file
  • We now disable user-added PPAs, as they on the total pickle off enhance disorders for users.

GNOME Updates

Pop!_OS 21.10 entails GNOME updates and improvements. Simply save, GNOME is the basis upon which the seen front-finish objects of Pop!_OS are at the 2d constructed. We’ve integrated one of the GNOME Mission’s most recent updates into Pop!_OS, including:

  • Wifi Sorting in Settings: Wi-Fi connections will now be sorted by your most recent connection, old connections, and strength of signal, making your required community simpler to fetch.
  • Auto-completion in Recordsdata: Looking out in Recordsdata will turn up a list of search outcomes as you form.

Existing: Support up your blueprint to a storage pressure sooner than refreshing, reinstalling, or upgrading your OS. Increasing frequent backups is guaranteed to connect users from the extraordinarily uncommon likelihood of recordsdata loss and ensuing heartbreak.


Dismay no longer, citizen! There are a few ways to enhance:

In Settings

Ahead of diving into the enhance, open up Pop!_Shop to the Installed watch and form any outstanding updates. This may maybe maybe be particular that that a quicker and more legit enhance.

Commence the Settings utility to the OS Pork up & Restoration menu, then click the Gather button at the finish to download the enhance. To coach the enhance, click Pork up once the download is total.


In Terminal

Commence Terminal from your desktop or with Huge + T. To form distinct you’re fully updated sooner than upgrading, utilize the commands below one at a time, urgent Enter after each and every.

sudo correct replace

sudo correct plump-enhance

You’ll be caused to enter your password, that is likely to be cloaked in invisible ink as you form. This is commonplace. Once the job is done, flee the following scream:

pop-enhance release enhance

As your blueprint upgrades, you is likely to be caused to answer to a couple yes or no questions. Press Y and then Enter to continue. After a reboot and about 15 minutes, bam! Pork up total.

Fresh Install

Support up your recordsdata. Then, head to this web whisper. Click on the Gather button at the finish, then preserve out Gather 21.10. When you beget or opinion to beget an NVIDIA GPU on your blueprint, preserve out the NVIDIA download as an alternate. Once Pop!_OS is installed, you’ll come upon a series of prompts for developing your operating blueprint. Test out this text when you are going to love guidance.


You’ve done it! Fiddle with the total novel points Pop!_OS 21.10 and COSMIC must present, and peer which configuration works easiest for you.

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