Pixel steer clear off me from calling emergency products and companies – three years ago

Pixel steer clear off me from calling emergency products and companies – three years ago

Three years ago, I purchased hit by a motorbike and tried to name emergency products and companies on my Pixel. My Pixel tried to send my location to emergency products and companies, failed, and iced up fully. When I rebooted and tried again, the very same ingredient came about. I would possibly per chance no longer demand an ambulance on my Pixel.

After I reported it on this subreddit, americans told me to file the possibility in Google‘s Danger Tracker instantly. So I did. And u/dmziggy said that he had escalated the possibility, and that “the fitting americans know about it”.

The sequence of events completely mirrors u/KitchenPicture5849‘s put up Pixel steer clear off me from calling 911… three years later.

To within the intervening time, Google Pixels quiet maintain this predominant, existence-threatening danger that blocks you from inserting emergency calls if the machine fails to send your location.

Oh, and per Google’s response blaming Microsoft Teams… I by no formulation had Microsoft Teams. I by no formulation bought a response from Google, either.


Right here is my usual put up. (I deleted it after a whereas on memoir of I believed after u/dmziggy escalated it, the possibility would possibly per chance be resolved. But, luckily, nothing on the web is really deleted — right here is the backup with the textual declare material from the put up.)

I’m on whisk in Shanghai rn, and final week I purchased hit by a motorbike. After sorting some initial issues out, I tried to name 110 (the Chinese language emergency quantity) on my Pixel. It sounds as if, when a Pixel calls an emergency quantity, it tries to send your location records. On the opposite hand, my Pixel appropriate iced up on the “sending location” cowl and would possibly per chance no longer receive the name. The total machine became unresponsive — I would possibly per chance no longer grasp up, press the home button (it would turn gentle gray exhibiting I had pressed it, but nothing would happen), or enact anything else.

I suspect that the machine tried to use a Google provider, which bought blocked by the Chinese language firewall. On the opposite hand, as a replacement of recognizing the provider had failed and transferring on to position the name, the machine appropriate bought caught.

Has anyone else gotten this misfortune??? Right here is a predominant flaw within the machine and has existence-threatening penalties.



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