Pixel prevented me from calling 911

Pixel prevented me from calling 911

I had to call an ambulance for the grandmother on Friday as she perceived to be having a stroke. I purchased off a phone call with my mom, and proceeded to dial 911 just by typing and calling on my pixel. My phone bought caught straight away after one ring and I used to be unable to realize the rest varied than click thru apps with an emergency phone call working within the background. That is all while the phone told me that it had sent my space to emergency services and products. Sadly I would possibly now not bid the individual on the more than a few end what dwelling I used to be in, or what the particular emergency used to be as I used to be unable to discuss to a human.

As my phone had clearly simply been working from a phone call perspective, my finest wager is the extra step of attempting to send my space precipitated it to freeze. It then prevented me from placing up and attempting to call any phone quantity all any other time. Fortunately my grandmother is of the generation that also has a land line, in any other case I would bear had to restart my phone, wait for a reboot, and then are trying and call emergency services and products so that they would perhaps also gain folks over asap. I’m going to let from abilities that the remaining thing you like to prefer to transfer scandalous for the duration of an right emergency is your phone to mess up. In particular when time is of the essence, and the faster you gain emergency services and products to your door, the more probably it is some distance that you just are going to survive.

I’m hoping that somebody from Google can let me know that it is seemingly you’ll perhaps possibly even be fixing for this challenge. Enlighten off let’s be real, as somebody with out a landline, I obvious as hell don’t desire a phone that freaks out after I are trying and call 911 within the center of a existence threatening emergency. I am alleged to believe that a phone will attain the main thing is built for, and space the resolution, and let me discuss to the human on the more than a few end.

Tried calling all any other time to study if the malicious program persists, and it does. I filmed it with my companions phone, and am delighted to fragment. Going on 5 minutes and no response from emergency vehicles and no proof that 911 used to be referred to as from a phone log perspective. Checked my Verizon phone log and can gape all varied calls from on the present time and Friday, but no proof Verizon knew I used to be attempting to call 911.

That is blowing up – most essential to clarify that I had been in a position gain thru on varied calls the total time and the 911 call used to be the tremendous one that hasn’t worked or been recorded on both my phone call log or my Verizon call log. I also contacted Google already, but haven’t heard support. Additionally bawl-out to whoever pointed me to the FCC as I am filing the too.

Google Support reached out to me thru right here – Thanks for the upvotes and the visibility ❤️ I’ve sent over a debugging epic after replicating the topic. With any luck their groups can resolve out the topic.

———–my response to how Google handled this——–

Hi there! I most essential to present Google some time after posting their response in this thread and one by one on Reddit sooner than posting the below but at this level no one from Google has reached out to me to let me know 1) that there used to be a malicious program confirmed and it wasn’t simply my phone, or 2) uncomplicated strategies to fix it. Thank goodness Reddit peeps tagged me in things to verify I used to be conscious that there used to be a response and a fix for it. That you simply can think with a malicious program this mammoth Google would haven’t any lower than responded in our email thread we bear going to train me uncomplicated strategies to fix it. If truth be told I would bear anticipated Google to exit of their system and send a push to all Android devices with groups installed to train their buyers of the that it is seemingly you’ll perhaps possibly imagine discipline.

You comprehend it be extraordinary how a phone can raise feelings of security, and how shockingly unsafe one feels when they know their phone is royally effed. The arena is a tad bit upsetting while you happen to would possibly even be a girl alone strolling your dog at evening after a day within the sanatorium. In particular while you happen to would possibly even be a girl strolling their dog alone at evening who can hear gun pictures about a streets down and is acutely responsive to her incapacity to call 911 for again. Be it for her contain security or for somebody else’s.

Other folks don’t prefer to encourage for this story to gain headlines to search out out they prefer to resolve an discipline of this magnitude, in particular now not the particular individual that introduced the malicious program to your consideration within the main space. You bear the capacity to push a notification that informs us our utility is previous-fresh, which method you bear got the capacity (and personally the duty) to train us that our existence line to emergency services and products is potentially wrong due to the a spot in YOUR utility. This discipline is bigger than snide press or your final analysis and likewise it is advisable be performing accordingly.

I shriek I should always not presume that the tag line “attain no snide” method you inherently “attain right” reason it sounds as while you happen to simply don’t “attain” the rest at all when it issues. Dangle into consideration my lesson learnt.

Cell phone: Pixel 3
OS: Android 11
Carrier: Verizon



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