PipeWire 0.3.41

PipeWire 0.3.41

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This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous
0.3.x releases.


  • Improved compatibility for flatpaks. Flatpaks with newer PipeWire
    version can connect to an older server in all cases.
  • A new RAOP module was added to stream to Apple Airplay devices.
  • OBS can now capture from the monitor devices again when using
  • Improved JACK compatibility. Improved stability in Carla and Ardour
    when changing buffer size. Improved latency calculations and
    playback latency in Ardour.
  • Improved pulse-server handling of underruns and buffer size changes.
  • Many bugfixes and improvements.



  • module-echo-cancel has voice-detection enabled now.
  • module-raop-sink and module-raop-discover to stream audio to
    an Apple Airplay device.
  • module-filter-chain now has preliminary support for LV2


  • The audio resampler now has improved buffer size calculations.
    In some cases it was too small and would cause distortions.
  • More checks are done when doing volume changes so that the
    channelmap is correct.
  • Audioadapter now exposes most config options with params so that
    they can be adjusted at runtime.
  • The resampler can now calculate the expected input buffer size
    before receiving the first buffer, which avoids some confusion
    when starting streams.
  • Support was added for some 10bit video formats.
  • MONO channel handling was improved.
  • Most plugins now set a clock name and this is configurable where
    it makes sense. The clock.system.monotonic clock name is used
    for most plugins that use the system clock for timing.


  • implement module-raop-discover
  • Use STREAM_CAPTURE_SINK property when capturing from a monitor
    source to better inform the session manager. This fixes some
    issues where OBS would capture from the microphone instead of
    the output monitor.
  • Limit the amount of cache messages to 16MB and don’t add large
    memory blocks to the cache. This should fix some excessive
    memory usage that people reported.
  • Fix a potential memory leak when cleaning up a client.
  • Do some additional checks to avoid buffer overruns.
  • Improve recovery from underruns better. (#1857) This improves
    seeking in gnome-music.
  • Improve recovery when the quantum is forced larger that the
    stream configured latency.
  • The prebuf state is now handled correctly.


  • A per type object cache is now implemented. This ensures that
    port objects remain valid for a longer time because many
    JACK applications inspect objects after they are destroyed.
    This improves catia/carla compatibility.
  • Recompute the latencies when the buffer-size changes. Fix some
    cases where we would end up with negative latencies.
  • Handle regcomp errors to avoid some crashes later.
  • Latency calculations are improved a lot.
  • More care is taken to not call a process callback while a buffer
    size change is pending. This fixes some crashes in Carla, which
    expect that all clients are paused when one handles the buffersize
  • Loopback links to a client are now handled correctly and without
    latency. This fixes playback latency in ardour6 (#1839)


  • ALSA devices now keep track of the samplerate of the card and
    ensure that all PCM use the same rate. This is a workaround for
    a kernel bug that is fixed in 5.16.
  • Refactor the ALSA plugin a little.
  • The ALSA plugin now reports correct delay for a capture PCM. (#1697)
  • The ALSA nodes now expose all config options with params that can be
    changed at runtime.
  • The ALSA node has a configurable clock name. Adaptive resampling to
    match clock rates is avoided when the driver has the same clock
    name as the ALSA node. This can be used to link alsa devices toge



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