PineNote Developer Edition – E-Paper Tablet

PineNote Developer Edition – E-Paper Tablet


The PineNote is one amongst the sphere’s most developed e-paper medication. The tool aspects a 1404 x 1872 resolution panel with a rapidly refresh rate and 16 grayscale phases. The Wacom EMR and capacitive layers are staunch by hardened scratch-resistant glass with an anti-glare coating.Β  The tool aspects a frontlight with 36 phases of white or amber illumination settings.

Powered by the immediate and efficient RK3566 SoC with four A55 cores, backed by 4GB of RAM and 128GB of eMMC storage, right here’s a pleasant yet transportable tool in a position to taking notes, writing and studying paperwork, studying books, searching the accumulate, and terminal usage β€” all at the same time.

This main production speed of the PineNote will be gigantic to write down tool for, however no longer gigantic to write down notes on. The tool ships without an working procedure with flashing mode enabled. Which skill that, this batch is precisely for builders.

Developers will need to use a chit code to total the acquisition.


Which skill that of diversified logistics difficulties following the COVID19 pandemic the PineNote wishes to be shipped and bought individually to diversified objects within the retailer. Having diversified objects in your retailer basket at the time of buy will return an error.

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