Pi Formulas, Algorithms and Computations

Pi Formulas, Algorithms and Computations

Pi Computation

(Dec 31 2009)
2700 billion decimal digits of Pi computed with a desktop pc.

Formulas and Algorithms

(Jan 20 1997)
A modern and sooner system to
compute the n’th binary digit of Pi. The article (Jan 20 1997) in html or in PDF
(revised edition, Feb 2007). A systematic methodology to search out the same formulas is presented right here.

(Jan 10 1997)
Simon Plouffe has
found an algorithm to compute the n’th digit of Pi in any unsuitable in
O(n^3log(n)^3) with little memory. We give right here an enchancment of his algorithm
to obtain a flee of O(n^2). The postscript file of the
alpha version
of the article: pi_n2.ps
, the html
, and the corresponding implementation in C: pi.c
(Feb 27 1997) A sooner implementation which
makes use of the Gosper system : pi1.c .

(Feb 4 1997)

While making an strive out some numerical family with the PSLQ
, I found this abnormal system for Pi:


(Aug 2003)Boris Gourevitch and Jesus Guillera
show how to uncover the same formulas.

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